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Columbia homeowner shoots 2 intruders, 1 dies and 1 charged - Added another link

  1. Score one for the winning team!
  2. I shed a tear for the homeowner for now he has to buy more ammo!!!
  3. "The resident told police he fired several shots in self-defense when he saw two people trying to enter his home.

    The investigation into the shooting is continuing.

    That's not a good sign. I hope the front door is not shot full of holes.
  4. yeah, killing a couple Jehovah Witnesses may not end well for him
  5. A good Prosecutor will argue that your life was not in 'immediate danger' until they actually got INSIDE the home. Crazy, I know, but just to be sure you're on solid ground, that's what you have to do: Wait until they're inside before you shoot. Until then, call 911 and take up a secure position. Hopefully the cops will get to them before they're in...otherwise...you gotta do what you gotta do and take care of business...
  6. Good riddance to trash. I have ZERO sympathy for cretins who commit home invasions. Improved the gene pool. Don
  7. I’d be more than happy to replace his ammo for him!
  8. Two different reports with no references to the perps' descriptions or pics.

  9. Yeah hopefully this isn’t the case. They could go down hard for offing a cpl horrible people by doing just a bit too soon.

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  10. Never even heard about this on the news... once again, i come to GT for the news.
    Oh wait, i`m guessing wrong agenda is why i never seen it on the news...?

    Well, looks like they broke into the wrong house. Now one of them suckin water from tree roots.
    Yup, dirt nap!
  11. Yeah, those can be little pesky at times..
  12. In many states you can shoot someone in the process of breaking in and do not have to wait until they are inside.
    So you can shoot through the door in some places and that is a good thing. There might be three or four people outside and the person shooting their door will probably scare them off or even get lucky and hit one of them.


    And the prosecutor wont even be allowed to make the argument that your life was not in immediate danger in many states.

  13. That's why a well-drawn, defender-favorable Castle Doctrine (CD) is necessary.

    The scope and extent of the 'coverage' of these CD statutes differ from state to state, but a good one will prevent the local (anti-gun) prosecutor or police chief from playing the 'What-If'/hypothetical game, where they try to ensnare the home-owner/defender into a violation of some vague 'duty to retreat' scenario.

    Typically they'll try to argue the defender 'should've' or 'could've' done this or that, or could've or should've taken this or that additional action, that would've made it unnecessary to actually shoot the invader(s). Of course, it's all 'woulda/coulda/shoulda' B.S. They weren't there, you were, ... so it really devolves into a lawyer's game of trying to 'criminalize' your home defense through the artifice of hindsight speculation. :upeyes:

    A defender-favorable CD statute will create presumptions in favor of the home-owner that make prosecution extremely difficult except in rare cases, and they're even better if they also grant immunity to the owner from civil liability for the perp's death or injury once the authorities have cleared the owner of any criminal wrong-doing.

    That prevents the relatives of the recently-made-dead dirt-bag(s) from playing the 'ghetto lottery' with the defender's assets by way of an aggressive personal-injury lawyer.

    In other words, a good CD statute is effectively a 'One Stop Shop'-type of law that addresses both criminal and civil liability for causing death or bodily injury to a burglar or other home invader.
  14. From glockman's post:

    “Michael Szewczyk, a neighbor and president of the Highlands Homes Association, said he was shocked to hear about the incident as he has lived in the area for over 20 years and no major crimes had occurred.”
    “I think everybody thinks about was this some random incident,” Szewczyk said. “How did this come about? Was there already a connection? We just don't have enough information to know at this point and I'm sure that most of the residents in the neighborhood will be looking for that information.”
  15. Bye, bye.
  16. Missouri's law does not require you to wait until they are in your house. If you are in fear of your life or someone else's then force is justified. I seriously doubt anything will come of it. The prosecutor can just let it go or they can call a grand jury to see if they think something was amiss,,,,but if the dead guy and his buddy were trying to break in good luck getting anyone to care.
  17. The survivor. Booked on Murder 2 and Burglary 1.

  18. Oh come on snerd, he was an upstanding young person, and turning his life around. [sarcasm]
    He was turning around to do even more crime, if he had not been stopped [not sarcasm]
  19. Columbia is a liberal city surrounded by conservatives. Hopefully the homeowner won't face any charges.
  20. They will start burning down the town for his friend..
  21. The Amish look different then I recall