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Colt LW Commander XSE 9mm Wilson Custom

  1. Pic for your edification.

  2. When did Wilson do the job? I'm curious because I thought that Wilsons stopped doing custom work when they started rolling their own guns.
  3. Can't answer for the OP, but can confirm Wilson Combat WILL work on your pistol if you send it in. They have some restrictions as to what brands they will modify and also insist that the weapon was not worked on previously by another gunsmith or company.

    FN, I know you are a Colt guy and they definitely work on those.
  4. Good to know. I have zero interests in having my Colts modified, but good to know that Wilson Combat still does custom 1911 work on certain consumer-provided pistols.
  5. I had this done about two years ago. Good work and good communication with Wilson.
    They did the action and finish. I furnished grips. Shoots like a dream. I also had them do an M9 Beretta at about the same time. Excellent work on that also. I have that photo posted today in General threads...
  6. Nice pistol.

  7. Nice Lightweight Commander.:cool:

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  8. Looks very nice
  9. Thanks guys.
  10. Nice work. Here is what mine looked like soon after I got it in 2015. I think Colt introduced these in 2015 and then they went away with most of the other XSE line later that year.


    Did you keep the "pencil" barrel? Here is mine compared to my 2009 XSE LW Commander in 38 Super. And of course they did not have the ambi thumb safety which the XSEs had for years.

  11. I have stock bbl and left thumb safety