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Colt Government 380 Pocketlite (NC)

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Colt Government 380 Pocketlite in great condition, a one owner gun. Very accurate and the softest shooting 380. Comes with 2 barrels (note the blemish on one of the barrels in the picture) and 4 magazines - all Colt, Colt factory case, manual. $850 + $30 shipping, Postal Money Order.
[email protected]

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I saw $30 shipped!
Whoops, Price is $850 - same as the one that just sold.
OK, so what is this gun worth?

I priced it at $850 because this other one sold in 1 hour for $850. Sounds like it was underpriced and I have seen them sell recently for $1,000.

I bought this gun new so I have everything that came from the factory. I also have 4 magazines and 2 barrels. And mine is a Pocketlite.

Make me an offer!
[email protected]
Email sent
Extra barrel and 4 mags, this is a good deal.
So why did the other one sell in 1 hour and no takers for this one.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts