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Colt Delta Elite mill for sights?

  1. I have a 1989 Delta Elite that is not a safe queen, but is in good condition overall. It has a set of long dead night sights otherwise it is completely factory issued. The front sight is staked on and the rear is the GI sized dovetail so that eliminates many choices in sights.

    Being a Colt, I know that there is some collector value, but if a shop like Novak’s mills a front dovetail and a rear useable dovetail would that be ruining the value? I’m not looking to sell but you hear of stories where someone changed parts and now it’s worth half or less.

    Again I’m not a white gloved collector but I shoot it and take pride in owning in. This particular pistol is not a tool to me. I realize there is value in having it the way you want it set up too 9863854B-827D-47F2-B17B-E2AF6A2D60B1.jpeg 2E1AA22A-147E-4798-98E1-19584DBBF476.jpeg
  2. As far as I'm concerned milling a dovetail for the front sight would INCREASE the value of the pistol. I've had this done to all my 1911s that didn't come that way from the factory. Losing a staked front sight in the middle of a heated match is a BIG disappointment.
  3. I had my Delta Elite milled...and I enjoy it a whole lot more. Sorry about the background of the pics not being immaculate gray carpet..just a semi-clean sweat shirt.
    Delta Elite.JPG
    Delta Front.jpg
    Delta Rear.jpg
  4. Having a front dovetail would allow for more options.
  5. Mill away....it’s a very desirable UPGRADE
  6. You already knew the answer, but you're fishing for a different answer that you want to hear. I really think honesty is the best policy so that you can decide for yourself what you want to do.

    You are going to substantially decrease the collector value of that Colt. But you may not see a big difference if you don't hold onto that gun for another 20 years anyway. If it's cosmetically scuffed and has no factory box, then it will be worth less too. I bought guns 40+ years ago and kept them in great condition, but am sorry I made even the smallest modifications. Guns are NOT like cars which you can repaint, reupholster, and replace parts to increase value. One can call this an "upgrade" if he likes, but anything machined into the gun like that will decrease collectors value. The desire and practical use in getting those modifications you'd like may be more important to you then the resale value. The decision is yours.