Colt Delta elite 10mm

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    Mar 19, 2009

    Hi all
    Anyone that has a 10mm Colt DE have you used a lighter Recoil spring in place of the 23# rating the stock springs have? Like 16 or 18?

    I know the glock 20 runs well mine anyway runs great with DT ammo with the stock 16# recoil spring.

    The lighter recoil springs provide a smoother recoil is my understanding.
    And I know they are entirely different guns the glock 20 and the colt DE but they are both 10mm's.
    So is there any reason the same weight spring would not work in both?

    Thanks All:dunno:
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    Mar 19, 2006
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    What kind of loads are you shooting? General rule for 1911's is that you use the lightest spring that functions reliably with your loads. 16 and 18 work fine for a 40s&w loads so most target loads should function fine.

    But, the Glock and 1911 are not a 1:1 comparison for spring weight. I am sure somebody can add more techincal detail but they are completely different slide mass/weight/length and different lockup...not to mention a hammer vs striker etc..
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