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I have a used Colt 6920 for sale. It's used, I'm the second owner. I purchased it from a friend of mine who told me he had fired around 500 rounds through it. I personally have fired between 300-400 rounds through it. It's served as my patrol carbine, and it did the same for my friend before me. It's has some use marks, but nothing outrageous.

I currently have a GG&G railed fore end on it, that is non free floating. There is also a Tango Down vertical grip on it, and a Surefire 960 series light (ARMS throw lever and standard tape switch). It also will come with the Colt carry handle and a YHM flip up rear sight. I will also include a 20 round Colt magazine with it. There's also a Lindsay 3 point sling on the gun.

I don't currently have pics of this. I prefer a local sale, so you see what you're getting. This is far from a beat up gun. It's been used, but it is in great condition.

Looking for $1800 ftf. No trades.
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