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Colorado House passed gun control measures

  1. Looks like its time for Magpul to move and take their 85 million with them
  2. Rep. Jared Wright, R-Fruita. “The criminals in Colorado are laughing right now.”
  3. I know, all of our reps are on the right side, it's all the front range *******s that are hosing us.
  4. This happens when you vote for democrats.
  5. No mention of grandfathering.
  6. It's still got to go to the senate. But the demoRATs hold 20 seats to the pub's 15. It just might pass unless the governor vetoes it.
  7. true, but I believe Hickenlooper has already gone on the record that he will sign them if the make it to his desk. Please, someone, tell me I am wrong, PLEASE!
  8. I wish you luck Colorado. I never in a million years thought I would see this day. The DHS and Gestapo now have you outgunned. Obama has bought thousands of rifles and billions of rounds of ammo for the DHS. They think that they can call for statewide emergency and then they'll be coming to confiscate your guns, just like they did in NOLA during the hurricane. Good luck my friends.
  9. I had to laugh at the laughable arguments the a$$hat democrats were using. But am close to tears, never thought colorado would have ANYTHING in common with CA and NY, boy was I wrong. Wish those people wouldn't have moved here to ruin it for us.

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  10. I feel really bad for you guys.
  11. Watch your asses guys. Passed our house by a 2 vote margin. These ******** are sneaky snakes. Come out of nowhere. Colorado used to be a great place to live.
  12. Well, there's another state I'll never move to, if it becomes law.
  13. I'm truly shocked that this has gone so far. I guess I was wrong in my belief that CO was a state that respected its' heritage and libertarian ideals. Unbelievable...

  14. It used to be.

    The last ten years have seen this state devolve to a liberal sewer.

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  15. And another domino begins to fall...

  16. This.
    Even if it doesn't pass I still won't go there though. Just because it got so close.
  17. the litmus test for Colorado's future is whether or not these scumbags are returned to office in '14 ... or if it even gets that far before they're removed
  18. I thought there was mention previously in the same part which changed it from 10 to 15, and all but made the bill useless, but :dunno:

    These are horrible, horrible bills. Horribly written and obviously going to do nothing.

    Today I was thinking about the CCW on campus thing. I'm a ways away from college, and I started to think maybe I wouldn't have been responsible enough back then. Then I got to thinking a handful of my HS classmates were in the military and obviously responsible enough. And as of age 18, I started working as an EMT to pay for college. So, I could drive the ambulance and do all the things associated with that, but not protect myself?
  19. Remember, Colorado is the new DC when the hammer falls. This is step one, of several, that will turn the whole state into a land of no firearms owned by the people.

    You have to study what is going UNDER Colorado, to figure out what is going ON in Colorado.
  20. :steamed::steamed::steamed:
  21. Do it state by state and it's a piece at a time. This is THE PLAN. Nice and easy, watch what I do to you with this hand while the other you do not notice does the real nasty to ya.
  22. the Californians finally ruined Colorado.

    damnable shame. anything else i would say would be a violation of the TOS. guess Ol' Teddy R. was right- "Colorado bankrupts the English Language."
  23. I need to find a video when i am at a computer. I watched a lot of the hb1224 "debate". The last person to speak was fields. She slipped something in. She said this was "incremental" gun control and more and more bills will be introduced.

    If you guys can fin the video the 10 minutes the DEMS actually told you their play book. She said this is just the start.

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  24. I also watched the hearings today, she (Fields) repeatedly said these are the first of many to come.
  25. This is what happens when you stay home on election night because you don't think the Republican candidate is conservative enough for your vote.
  26. Well this is sad. But hopeful magpul knows Texas will welcome them with open arms.

  27. Texas is predicted to be DemoRat by 2016 due to illegal immigrants & the Latino birth rate.

    Instead of moving people need to start a grassroots movement to vote these Leftist loons out of office!! Draw a line in the sand as one can't merely keep fleeing from state to state as soon there will be no more.
  28. For the win.

  29. Actually YOUR Governor was born in Pennsylvania. As long as collective guilt is being thrown about YOU must have voted for Hickenlooper, Obama and YOUR Democrat state majorities. You sound like whiney liberals assigning blame to everyone but your fellow Coloradans. After all no TRUE Coloradan would ever vote for BO, Hickenlooper and all the other (D)s that stuck it to you. :upeyes:

    Those of you in Colorado who are not finger pointing whiners have my sincere condolences on this bs.
  30. Step back.

    First you need to look at WHY we have Hickenlooper.

    He won 50.7% of the vote but he didnt even run a campaign. Basically two republicans ran against each other. The Republican Candidate Maes got 11.1% of the vote. His challenger, Tom Tancredo got 36.8% Essentially in-fighting in the Republican party (Tancredo left the party and ran as an Independent or other minor party) gave the Governorship to the Dems.

    Next, redistricting came in 2010. The Repubs drew the map as allowed by law however a liberal judge didnt agree that that it was competitive enough (i.e. it favored the republican make-up of the state) and the JUDGE said the Democrat redistricting is what was implemented.

    Finally, if you live in the late 90s in CO you would understand why there is resentment towards californians. They move en masse to CO and drove house prices (not values) sky high. When I bought my house, I had to get in a lottery to have a house built. The builder was raising prices 3 to 5% PER MONTH. When you are on the lottery list, you buy. People from CA came in after selling property in CA and drove prices higher.

    Also, demographics all over the Southwest are changing. There is a large influx of foreign poverty. This demographic, as shown nationwide is voting (how exactly I dont know) to allow amnesty for illegal immigrants and any type of wealth transfer to this group.

    The final piece of the picture, that Republicans, nationwide made the news this election cycle. They looked like complete morons when they say when women are raped its god's will. Nationwide the Republicans this cycle looked the party of loons. Even Romney, no matter how true, shouldn't have made the 47% comment. That probably cost the Republicans the election.

    Whether we (republicans) like it or not, we need to evaluate some positions or we will keep losing. Like it or not, the Hispanic population is growing at a faster rate than any other. Ignore this at our peril. You have seen what it has done in many southwest states.
  31. No we wouldn't.

    Kick everyone out that is not at least a 2nd generation native born and it will get back to normal..:whistling:
  32. So let me get this straight, some of you are blaming California for bills in Colorado?

    That many people moved from California to Colorado?
  33. You are right on target -- been saying the same thing since Election Day.

  34. +1!!!!

    I'm wondering how many people griping went to the polls in November, or better yet, how many "pro gun Democrats" went to the polls and pulled the lever for their party because "they aren't interested in gun control"

  35. I am wondering if the CO legislature has overstepped their bounds based upon the commerce clause?


    Notice that I cannot SELL or TRANSFER a magazine to say someone in Kansas or Texas. They have said I am no longer allowed to engage in interstate commerce and I am not sure that the Colorado legislature is allowed to restrict residents from engaging interstate commerce. Interstate commerce is the prevue of the Federal Govt.
  36. I voted and I can say that I did not vote for a Democrat. In fact, where I live in CO we are overwhelmingly republican and our House member spoke against all the gun bans yesterday (I watched her). And I personally talked to her BEFORE I voted for her.
  37. DanaT we have disagreed in the past and probably will again. That does not mean I want you to have to put up with the crap we have in CA because you are not creating the problem by voting (D) and being puzzled at the result.

    I do figure however that bear62, NecoDude and tadbart should just sit back and relax as the same collective guilt broad brush that they like to apply gets applied to them as well. CO went for BO ergo they went for BO.

    Checking the 20 member (D) majority in the CO Senate 8 were definitely born in Co, 2 graduated HS in CO birthplace undetermined, 2 from Chicago, 2 from Kansas, 1 St Louis Mo, 1 Baltimore MD, 1 Oregon, 1 Greece, 1 NYC and Lucia Guzman undetermined. Of course their origins don't matter because just the fact that they are in office must mean that NecoDude, tadbart and bear62 voted for them according to the broad brush interpretation.

    I hope you can reverse this merde. Until such a time Coloradans that like to apply the broad brush have just painted themselves.

    Yeah it is my fault for having been born in the PRK.
  38. I have to admit I was at first shocked to hear this happened in Colorado, a mid-western state until I thought more about it. Didn't you guys legalize marijuana recently? Maybe that was a sign of things to come.

    Spot on. If the same number of republicans who voted for McCain had showed up and voted for Romney things would be quite different now.
  39. The new language of the magazine capacity ban is 15 rounds for rifles and handguns, 8 rounds for shotguns. It does grandfather in previously owned magazines, but there's no way to differentiate between magazines purchased before and after the ban. Transfer of those grandfathered magazines becomes illegal. The language of the bill specifies serial numbers and manufacture dates for magazines above those capacities made within the state, not imported into the state because they wouldn't be allowed to be imported into the state except for sale to law enforcement.

    Chances are it will pass the state Senate and be signed into law by the Governor, if we're lucky we can get enough Dem Senators to vote no but chances are slim for that. We need to focus on a petition for a ballot initiative to nullify this law specifically and hopefully any other gun control laws they manage to pass. There are a few more bills that haven't made it to the House floor yet, one is an AWB.

    My Representative Leroy Garcia(D) voted yes on expanding background checks to include all private in-state transfers, he voted no on the rest. I didn't vote for him the first time and I'm not going to vote for him in the future. My Senator Angela Giron(D) has not stated how she's going to vote on any of them, though she will likely vote yes.
  40. I hope that your ballot initiative works if you end up needing to go that route.
  41. Wow. What a slippery slope we are on.
  42. There is no chance of enforcing the magazine limit. They can't possibly prove that THIS magazine was or wasn't in your possession from just looking at it.
  43. Not entirely correct. For instance, look at a Magpul mag. It has a manufacture date on it. If you have a Mfg date of Aug 2013 and you cant have any new one after July 1, they can prove it.

    Many items have manufacture dates on them.

    Also, this will work like hookers. The police will set up stings either trying to sell magazines or buy them. They will get people on the "transfer" part of it.

    Finally, police will have "reasonable suspicion" to arrest people because of possession of a magazine. You get the expense of a lawyer, etc when you are arrested.
  44. I like to disagree with Dana too but he is spot on in reference to how the republicans handled the last governors race, they looked like a couple monkeys humping a football, makes me sick to this day, now look at the mess they have made.

    The Republican leadership needs to be tar and feathered in Colorado
  45. Also keep in mind that a Democrat Governor before hickenlooper screwed up so badly, he didnt even run for re-election.

    Colorado has had many Democrat governors. However, they have not grabbed guns. In general, until this go around, I would say CO democrats have been "moderate" compared to the left and right coast DEMs.

    Also, as a general statement, CO has for a while (up until this) been a state that is pro-individual freedom and not so much into religion. Except in a few areas, the christian right don't get elected. That really hurt the repubs in CO this last election cycle. They really played hard on the anti-woman stance of the republican party in CO political advertising.
  46. I personally believe Hickenlooper is hoping two State senators defect, at least for HB1224. Then the mess goes away from him. I dot think he really wants to have to veto or approve this. On one hand I think he is democrat and believes in gun control, on the other, I think he sees the political fallout.

    A funny comment was posted on Hicks facebook page. It said essentially, "congrats gov,you are upto 23K likes. Have a look at magpul, they have 163K likes"

    This tells you something. Gun owners wont forget in two years.

  47. Very well said and good explanation of the Gov.'s election and the redistricting debacle.

    I spoke to our Reps and Sen King, but we already knew they would vote no on all.

    totally unenforceable.

    I hope we can get 3 Dems, otherwise it's ballot initiative
  48. It will be interesting to see what Hickenlooper does if these bills make it out of the Senate. His Facebook page has been inundated with pro gun supporters comments against the bills. I think I only saw one person who was pro gun control.