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Collector's Topics

  1. The purpose of this thread is to list subjects that are of interest to collectors, so that folks looking for info in this forum can more easily find it, even if it hasn't been updated recently.

    Please do not post discussions here. Each post in this thread is intended to be limited to a single issue or subject, primarily of collector interest, and contain only a brief description of the topic, followed by one of more links to the thread or threads on that subject. Details of each subject should be discussed in the linked threads.
  2. Glock Europe website link:


    Digital (PDF) versions of the instruction manual in English, German, French and Spanish; Glock Buyer's Guide in English, German and French; Glock Fan Items (shirts, hats, cup, keychains, etc.) in English and German; and instruction manuals for the Glock Entrenching tool and their various Tactical Lights.

    Also some links in the menu bar that will take you to Desktop Background photo downloads.

    There was some interesting stuff in the GLOCK Buyers Guide and Fan Items catalogs that you don't see (or don't often see) in the USA...
  3. It's interesting that there is no mention of the 9x21s. Perhaps only sold in Italy and thus not mentioned? I think that some South American countries also prohibit civilian use of military ammo. Thus, would think that there would be 9x21s there as well. Don't know.
  4. Dating your Glock or resources to direct you how to get your manufacture date.

    Insure you view the last page for the latest resources for those Glocks manufactured without a date code.

    This thread was created by G17Collector originally.

    A recent Gunbroker auction brought this to mind as well as previous discussions on actual production dates for the earliest Glock 17 pistols. While I believe it is possible for a serial number prefix to have more than one date code it may not be possible to have more than the letter prefix of the serial number available. For posterity I'd like to include all Glock models from around the world.

    Given the enormous number of model variations and the fact the scope of this thread to to track serial numbers with dates codes, a model number isn't necessary but is encouraged.

  5. Glock Tuppaware. This is a thread on all the current known variations of the Glock plastic gun case for early Glocks up to before the “Clamshell” or current series of storage case. These early cases are normally referred as “Tuppaware” due to their similar design. This thread also will show labels and give you a rough idea of serial numbers that would have had a particular series of box.

  6. Owners manuals
    This is key more for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 guns that came with a manual not inside a sealed packet.

    Manual packets and what’s in them
    Not useful with Gen 1 and earlier Gen 2, but helpful for later guns. Shows dates and contents of the packets.

    Loader variants and applications
    Need to figure out which mag loader originally came with your pistol? Look here:
  7. july 06  IN POOL 055.jpg
  8. my glock p9m do not have hole in mag
  9. I have clock p9m cmc 989
  10. Fantastic!! Mine is just a few number away. Are you in the US? How did you come about it? Thanks for sharing.

    Best to post a thread about it in the below forum. This thread is for links to collector topics as opposed to discussion :)
  11. yes I am in USA. I got it from SSME DEUTSCHE WAFFEN in Plant CITY FL. I am the first owner.
  12. Fantastic.

    Never heard of them?

    Was is just sitting out? When did you buy it?
  13. lakeland gun show,august of 2006
  14. Awesome score. Complete w box, etc?
  15. Correct PT. The original mags are the very first square notch.

    The original manual is the 1985 Euro manual.

    The original box would be the very earliest type w the label top right of the lid in German.

    Earliest type mag loader and rod.

    I have a complete LNIB AE. I can post pics of the original stuff tomorrow if u all want.

    To me the real appeal here is the pre-US import frame. This is the true, original, earliest G17 frame. This pencil barrel obviously predates all US commercial import guns.