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Collectors Guide

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    Here's a quick guide to everything the old 1st Gen Glock 17's came with:
    1. Tupperware Box: Possibly the most unique accessory. The bullet spacers came only of the earlier 1st Gen guns (ending circa CZxxx SNs/the intro of the 17L)
    2. Manual: with only "Glock 17" no other model numbers
    3. Warranty Card: Usually this is the first item to be missing.
    4. Loader: smooth sides with Glock logo on the top
    5. Brush
    6. Rod
    7. Two Magazines

    Here's a guide to internal parts:
  2. Very Nice post.
  3. Fantastic post!!
  4. To add to this, also check for the correct magazines. There are also different generations of magazines.
  5. Pencil Barrel left

    These are both first gen guns. The diameter pencil barrel is 1.347cm and the regular later barrel is 1.450cm
    I believe the AP-prefix was the transition for the new thicker barrel, meaning they are first prefix without the pencil barrel.
  6. Hey Gunlove,
    Is that AH gun yours?
    It's awesome.
  7. It's as clean as they come. Fortunately it is mine, I picked it up about ten years ago now.
  8. Wow. Just incredible. What a treasure. How did you find it?
    Is it unfired?
  9. Gunbroker. It still has the original gold grease in the rails. I am sure it was fired for proofing, that was probably it.
  10. Wow. What in incredible GB find. Amazing.
  11. Very cool indeed, excellent post
  12. As for the lanyard loop hole, I've noticed a discrepancy. I e not handles enough Gen1s to say with authority, but prior to the CE-prefix they were not present. Any input from your experience?

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  13. I have never taken detailed note of this, but i think it was hit or miss until late gen 1.