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Collector potential for the 43X and 48 silver slides?

  1. I've read talk by Glock collectors that the silver slide 43X and 48 having been discontinued (esp. the 43X) may have some collector value moving forward.

    I've not paid attention to either. Being that the silver slide is the only factory Glock finish that I don't have I was able to order one of each from my BL dealer today for $350 each. It was the last silver slide 43X that they had in stock. Figured that I could't go too wrong at that price.

    Do you all have any thoughts on either of these collector wise?
  2. I’ve heard they were discontinued when the black slide came out. Idk if it’ll have collector value or not.
  3. My thoughts?

    I am gonna shoot the **** out of my 48 (I have a silver slide).

  4. At $350 I figured that I wasn't taking much risk. If no collector value then I'll shoot it.
  5. Have the silver slide 48. Anyone wants to trade this silver slide for a black slide 48 (here in AZ) let me know.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. But I am holding out.

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  7. Did you get it for $350???

  8. Yup. Blue Label price.
  9. I think the only way they will have appreciable collector value is if they are kept in as new and unfired condition.
    I have one of each, but they are both shooters. I shoot the 43X some in outdoor GSSF matches. The 48 is going back in my carry pile as soon as I put a few hundred more more rounds through it with the S15 mags and mag catch.
  10. (don't be a jerk, slym)
  11. That's the Blue Label price that LEOs can get from a regional BL distributor. That's what I got. It was their last one.

    Looking at Gunbroker realized prices these things are really bringing strong money already relative to MSRP.
  12. There is a reason that my collector friends call me "Mr. NIB" :)

    That said, looking at GB, even used ones in true auctions are bringing more than NIB MSRP.
  13. That may happen then. I have seen a few at LGSs here that are not moving. But that may have changed in the last week. 19Xs seem to be in demand also.
  14. I've got north of ~14k through my G48 silver slide. Looks like a collector's dream to me. :D
    G48 3.JPG
  15. Good question. I think they could. My money is on the 19X or even the Gen 4 front serration summer special being a sleeper.
  16. Yes the 19x austrian marked ones are getting hard to find. I managed to snag one used but in good shape

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  17. Thats qhat I think 1000 percent.

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  18. I grabbed the two silver slide models when I realized they'd fallen off the Glock site. My dealer was told by the distributor that we got the last of each that they had, and they could not get any more. Sitting in the same with all the others, including the unfired 19X, with no plans to shoot any of them.
  19. With gun shortages in some areas and people wanting/needing them, is now the time to be hoarding guns that one isn't ever even going to shoot?

  20. I’m sure if a small army needs to be outfitted with side arms Sniper will step up to arm them.
    Take peace and comfort in that.
  21. The guy that didn't get to buy the gun he needed - that's who needs comforting. Not I.
  22. Like Sniper, I have both the 43X and the 48 in silver tucked away NIB. Both are the earliest versions produced as they hit the market a few years ago. If discontinued, they could be interesting pieces in about 10 years.

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  23. Pat,
    How do the earliest versions differ from the last ones produced?
    I was able to get to blue label very inexpensively, the last ones that they had, as well as one of the Davidsons special guns. None of them have arrived yet. If the Davidson special gun differs only by having night sights I will be moving it along. I was curious to see it and bought the only one i could find.
  24. Slym I have involved in my areas training community/Concealed Carry. I have never met a client/student who has ever needed a gun. Not even my older then me clients.
    Those who need them are issued them.
    Many think they need them but the reality is there are many better alternatives that create layers of security.
    Never be in a position as a firearm is your last resource.
    Always have alternatives. Running away, barriers, don’t go to that area, have greater self control, and make use of local emergency specialists.

    Let’s not confuse any of the above as it relates to our right to own.
  25. Last I checked, gunbroker has tens of thousands of guns available for purchase. My local gun store also has a variety of handguns and long guns on the shelves and available for purchase. So, Ill do what I wish with any firearm I have purchased over the years, and currently, thank you very much.

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  26. Sorry, poor choice of words. I was attempting to buy the earliest serial numbers for these models, not a version. I’m not certain there is a difference Ron. If I can get a current model (black) I will take a look and see if there are any differences other than color. I just jumped on these silvers when they were first released hoping to get an early version, expecting future changes or a discontinuation of the model.

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  27. Well since you care so much, give them one if yours.

    There are plenty out there available if they truly want one. If they don’t have one already, it’s their own fault.
  28. I had one of each and sold both. Not so much because of the silver slide, I just didn’t care for them - just me. It will be interesting to see if they have any collector value, there are a lot of them out there. It surprised me when they were discontinued, I thought other models would be offered with silver slides.
  29. I need to go check with a friend. He had a 43x and 48 (demo) at least 6 weeks before they were released to the public. He ended up buying both from Glock instead of returning them. I need to go check with him and compare with my 43x that was part of the first release. My 48 was a week two later but may have been part of the initial release shipment also.
  30. I'm not aware of differences within the silver slide guns, but there IS a difference between them and the black slide versions. I only know this because Shield Arms makes the 15 rouns mags for them, and has a different product depending on which version of pistol you have.
  31. I called three gun stores in my area looking for glock 43x and 48 in silver slides. Three of them are glock distributors. They told me that can't get any and it I find one get it. I finally found 48 silver slide in another county about 45 minutes from home. I paid 562 with amerglo night sights. I thought it might go up in value too. I have black slide 48 and love it.
  32. One of the stores near me had a silver 48 in stock that they are asking $609 for. I went to look at it but can't stand the dimensions for it so I passed.
  33. I just picked up my two BL guns (48 and 43X, both silver slide yest.). Both were the last guns at a very large BL LE Dist. Just lucked out. Standard sights but dirt cheap. Will be interesting to follow these.