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Paypal gift preferred.

Price includes shipping in the US.

Arrangements may be made for interest outside the US.

I might consider trade for a PE Military (something besides the black one, I'm tired of black) or Mcusta (I dig them)

Kershaw Needs Work with a STR tip up, deep carry, pocket clips which really improves how it rides. This knife has been carried a little and used even less. The edge was touched up on a crock stick and brought back to shaving sharp. These were a limited run and the clip alone was $35. $60 makes it yours.

NeedsWork by jpottsphotography, on Flickr

NIB Kershaw Avalanche w/ S30v blade. $85

IMG_9700 by jpottsphotography, on Flickr

User Kershaw Tyrade in black. This knife has been used and reprofiled by me on my Lansky. I'd rate the knife at around 90%. $80

blktyrade by jpottsphotography, on Flickr

Safe Queen fixed blade knife my Jim Baker made with 440C and heat treated by Bos. The is duel edged, with some nice file work. $180

jb by jpottsphotography, on Flickr

Used SOG Sculptura. Aside from a few scratches on the blade, it's perfect. sold.

SOG by jpottsphotography, on Flickr

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I'll take the sculptura. PM me the paypal info. Thanks
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