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Apparently, back in the day, kids would dress up in Halloween costumes and present themselves at houses for pennies or treats at Thanksgiving. I have a photo of a group of 'maskers' awkwardly diving for pennies. I didn't include it in this collection as the photo was a crapper, but did include a few of the better maskers glass plate photos from the L.O.C collection. Balance of photos other than maskers are from my archive. See link for penny scramble photo at end.


Isn't it something that out of all of history just these few maskers photos are available??? Someone on a photo forum said they didn't see any value in street photography. Well, here you have it. Without an ancient street photog...maskers may have been lost to history.

The copies of the glass plate maskers I got from the L.O.C. are much lower quality than the same photos shown in the links below. The images the L.O.C. offered were hi-res TIFF files but were of low image quality. The L.O.C. must keep a stash of better versions than what they offer for download to the general public. These sources have much better versions, albeit lower res, than what I could find from the L.O.C. And I even did some post processing on my versions as they were even lower quality than what I've shown.

Additional reading:

The photo of the kids scramble for pennies:
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