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Collecting the 75....

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I have been reading about the CZ 75 for a long time, I have also wanted to add the CZ 75 to the repertoire for a similar amount of time.

I know my first two purchases will be a pre-b and a b. That being said what are some things to look for in the 75s to make sure I am getting a quality piece?

As far as the pre-b goes I’m not looking for an initial run or a very early piece. Just a good example from the 80’s will be perfectly fine. Similar thoughts on the b version.

As far as the modern 75s go I held an SP01 the other day and loved it. What modern pieces have all of you gravitated to?
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If you are looking at an early pre-B that's sold as surplus, do a careful inspection when you receive it before accepting it from the FFL. Most of these are fine and make fantastic guns for little cost. But, there are a few that have slipped through the sellers inspection that have cracked frames. A friend of mine got one of those and while the seller eventually did refund the money, it would have been much more simple if he had taken a close look when he got it.

But, they are really nice pistols and can be built into fantastic pistols. I have 5 in the collection with 4 being pre-Bs and the fifth being a transitional pre-B. Those are a nice find in that they have the later features and sights, yet retain the early non-firing pin block triggers. Take a look at CajunGunWorks to see what you can do with them.

Be careful though. These can be addicting. You start with one or two and the next thing you know, they multiply. It happens that fast. But, you'll be happy with every one of them.
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