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Cohen's Nails

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Old Mr. Cohen brings his son into the business, Cohen's Nails, in the hopes
    that one day his son will take over. As time passes Mr. Cohen starts getting
    more and more worried, no matter what department the son is put into he
    cannot get anything right and is continuously mucking everything up.

    After talking to some of his friends and business partners Mr Cohen decides
    that maybe the reason his son is doing so badly is because he is supervising
    him too closely so he decides to give him a task to do where the son is in
    charge. The task is handle the new advertising campaign.

    The son is delighted and starts working really hard. The father is
    delighted also as it looks like the idea will work. Time passes and the son
    comes to Mr Cohen and takes him out to see the new billboard. It is in a
    fantastic position, on the highway, thousands of cars passing it daily, but
    Cohen almost has a heart attack when he sees it. There is a picture of
    Jesus hanging on the cross, with the caption "Even back then they used
    Cohen's nails."

    After explaining to his son that many customers are not Jewish and would
    find this offensive, the son promises to change the sign. Another frantic
    month of activity and the son comes back to him and drives him out to see
    the sign. The new sign has a picture of Jesus lying in a bundle at the
    bottom of the cross with the caption "If they had used Cohen's nails, this
    would not have happened!"