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Coax portion of surge protector doesn't work

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by The Pontificator, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. The Pontificator

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    Sep 18, 2000
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    EDIT: I tried it again, and now it works. Perhaps the last time I didn't fully screw in one or more of the connection terminals. I also performed this (this time) while the surge protector was turned on.

    I have a Cyber Power surge protector which has "in" and "out" connections for running coaxial cable through it.

    In another thread I mentioned that the person who installed my cable service said not to run the cable connection through it. This has been questioned by several GT members and so I purchased two short pieces of coax cable and attempted to set it up.

    Well, it doesn't work.

    Ok, the "in" is from the outlet to the surge protector. "Out" is from the surge protector to the modem.

    Any ideas? Is it possible that the coax portion of the surge protector is blown?
  2. Sgt. Schultz

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    May 21, 2004
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    West Columbia, South Carolina
    Ponti, I know this is after the fact but it may be helpful to others …

    Despite what the installer told you, you were correct in getting a surge protector for the cable since telephone and cable lines can also conduct high voltage. Also don’t forget about the other equipment (or toys) in your home, like your big screen TV, Fax machine, etc … they should also be protected. If you have a UPS it will stop most surges from reaching your computer, but it will probably suffer severe damage itself so It's a good idea to use a surge protector on it … it may save your UPS.

    One problem with surge protectors is that the MOVs can burn out with one good surge and then all you have is a power strip. You should have a protector with an indicator light that tells you whether or not it's functioning properly, also when buying a surge strip the higher the joule rating the better the protection.