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    Mar 16, 2002
    I am confused as to why my last two threads were closed.

    They were both regarding ADHD. As you can tell by reading the first thread it was a play on the acronym ADHD and had nothing to do with the actual disease. There some jokes being thrown out by those who do suffer from ADHD, and they seemed to be made and taken in good humor. My last post on that thread was in keeping with the direction the thread had taken about joking around regarding ADHD. I am clearly confused here.

    Then I wanted to publicly apologize to anyone who was offended by the thread and allow them to respond about it, (and I wanted to see who may have been offended so I could specifically apologize) and then this thread was also closed.

    I am not the rebel and trouble maker type as you can tell by my years of posts--though I am not a frequent poster I guess.

    Just trying to figure out what rules were broken.

    I tried looking through the various forums to try to find what I had done wrong with no luck there either.