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I've seen Clive's books out for many years but never picked one up before. I've just read "Lost City" and "Black Wind" (he co-authored both.) Pretty good reading, I just went out and picked up a couple more - "Sahara" and "Inca Gold" - both Dirk Pitt adventures. I see where Sahara has been made into a movie, will have to rent it after I finish the book.

Looks like I found a new "favorite" author.
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Originally posted by JimmyD
Yep, I see that happening already. It seems that Dirk finds his "true love" in each book and then you never hear about her again (except for the senator lady who seems to be a steady doinking partner.)


NOT TRUE! He has one true love through most of the books, although she is only in one. It is the mother of his children, the woman that he thought had died trying to save her father. Unfortunately I don't remember which one that was. I haven't read any of the ones he has co-authored, are they any good? After reading one of the Alistair McLain stories that was written by someone else I haven't been able to bring myself to read the Clive Culler "with" so and so books. BTW, the Alistair McLain was a loooong time ago. I still like his books, but I don't know if I would if I hadn't read them in my younger days.
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