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Glock 40 Cleaning ?

  1. Hi All
    I have a Glock Model 40 , 10mm that has maybe 100 rounds or so through it since I bought it last November. It has been in and out of the cold many times. My question is I see a lot of the gold color factory lubricant in the slide groove and area. I believe that is lubricant or is that something else.
    My question is should I clean it and remove that, then lubricate with oil or wait to shoot it more before cleaning?
  2. Follow the Glock recommended cleaning and lubrication instructions. I inspect my guns regularly and follow factory recommendations. Leave the copper lube in place.
  3. In as much as people have posted images of Glock pistols uncleaned after thousands and thousands of round fired through them that look like a magnet covered in metal filings, I don't prescribe to such foolishness; I see to it that my firearms are cleaned and properly lubricated after each use. Doing so also gives me the opportunity for it's inspection, that may very well reveal a potential issue before it becomes damaging, dangerous, or unnecessarily costly to repair.

    As a sidenote, the metal parts of firearms absorb moisture, and going from cold to warm temperatures will cause this moisture to be drawn out to the surface of the material, and if you immediately bring your firearm in from the cold and place it directly into a foam lined case and close it, this moisture will have nowhere to go, and will remain on those metal surfaces, particularly inside the bore, and can cause rust/corrosion, even on stainless steels.

    So I'd suggest that after bringing your firearm in from the cold, field strip it and let the components reach room temperature, then wipe down any signs of moisture, run a bore brush followed by cleaning patches and a light coat of oil down the bore, observe the areas where the factory recommends lubrication and apply the proper type sparingly as necessary, then reassemble, check for proper operation, then store it outside the case in the appropriate place.
  4. Depends on who you ask. That substance is nothing more than Loctite C5-A anti-seize compound. Glock uses it for long term storage, and has said it can be removed when you first purchase the pistol, or it can be left on. Either way is safe. Glock also says in the owners manual that the pistol should be cleaned when new and after shooting. Personally, a new Glock pistol is detail stripped and thoroughly cleaned before being fired the first time.
  5. Save yourself a lot of aggravation and use Balistol to one step clean and lubricant your guns. Go to YouTube and look up Hickok45. You can thank me latter.
    P.S. I clean my gun after every shooting. That's just me.
  6. IF, by chance you own a RUGER MKlll, do you clean it every time you shoot it?
  7. 400 more rounds should do it.
  8. Do what ever makes you feel good. It's your gun(s) and your investments.
  9. DAKA the hammer struts location on those Ruger firearms is the key to getting the hammer spring assembly back in correctly..

    Glock does use a copper anti seize compound on the leg of the connector & step in the slide..
    I would just remove it with a Q-Tip & lube as required with whatever lube you choose.. I suggest TW-25B.. I came across this stuff a couple decades ago & SIG uses it.. Good Stuff!! Any CLP would work as would bacon grease..
  10. "QUOTE"
    Leave the copper line in place.

    Just sold NEW G29 to a customer. He wanted a trigger job--the gun had NO copper lube in it.
  11. Has Glock quit using the copper lube? I haven't gotten a new Glock in over a year.
  12. I clean it every 5000 rounds or when it doesn't shoot...whichever comes first...Every
    time I do clean it I realize that I learn NEW WORDS...
  13. I leave the copper stuff in place and lube and shoot. I clean every 1000 rounds.
  14. I do. I clean all my guns after I shoot them.

  15. Yup...I couldn't sleep if I didn't clean my guns after I shoot them. Like how your mother told you to always have clean underwear in case you got into an accident.
    Would be bad enough to die in my sleep, but couldn't take the humiliation being know as "that guy who died with dirty guns".....
  16. I clean the copper antiseize off right away and replace it with the silver colored antiseize
  17. Never let the SUN set on a dirty GUN.
  18. After I shoot it I clean it--the same day. It worked for me for 23 years in the military and i'm still alive. Have never had a failure because of a dirty weapon
  19. I like cleaning my guns. Sometimes, if I haven't been to the range in a while, I clean clean guns. Gun cleaning is fun.
  20. Im disfunctional about clean guns. If i buy a new gun or a used gun i go home and clean it. A clean guns a happy gun. I use break free clp to clean with. Use q tips to clean till clean. Use brass brushes to clean barrels. With cotton patches to clean the barrels. And if the bore of a used gun thats purchased is filthy, i use shooters choice to clean the dirty barrel. If its a new gun ill clean it 3 times before i put it up, or shoot it.
  21. I clean and lubricate my new pistols prior to shooting.
  22. Glocks will run filthy if correctly lubed, and cleaned in the right places. I ran this G22 to over 15K before detail cleaning. Only the barrel and lubing. The crud just goes along for the ride.

  23. That photo is confidence-inspiring and very impressive.
  24. I clean all of my guns (even Glocks) every time I shoot them, but as far as the compound that lingers in the rails- just shoot it.
  25. My home range is right out the service door on my garage and on average I shoot a magazine full every other day on my EDC just because. Once a month cleaning is enough for me.
  26. My G17 that is on the nightstand has about 600 rounds through it and she fine. I just didn't have the time to clean it after I shot it last. The 1911 that was shot with the G17 the same day did get a cleaning.

    I did wipe my Glock off with a Silicon cloth tho.
    I will shoot the ole 17 in a day or so and then give her a scrubbing. :cheers:
  27. If you THINK gun cleaning is fun...you don't have a RUGER MK lll...
  28. Ha-Ha. Little know fact that Bill Ruger used to make Chinese Puzzles before he decided to get into the gun business.
    Some of his earlier pistol prototypes below...
  29. RTFM: Glock says leave the copper lube in place. No need to remove it.

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  30. When I didn't know better , I cleaned the copper anti - seize out of my new Glock . However , I clean it every few hundred rounds after using for gun games . This way , I feel confident that my Glock is ready for the first stage of my next competition .
  31. I would try to keep some oil on the barrel inside and outside and keep the slide slightly lubed.. glocks can function without a lot of oil.. but being cleaned and even a slight bit of oil on the barrel and the slide rails can keep the gun functioning under bad weather..

    So if you have a brush for the bore and go thru 5 times and run a couple slightly oily patches that helps long term. The bringing a gun in from freezing temps makes all the metal parts get wet.

    Spraying with a gun cleaner / lube is really simple and helps keep your gun in great condition. You dont need to clean crazy often.. even one every few months is fine.. takes only 5 or ten minutes to give a glock a quick wipedown. I like using blue scott shop towels with a very small spray of hornady oneshot... which is a reloading press cleaner / lube.. seems to keep all the lint and such under control.
  32. If I get a new or used gun I usually clean it....

    Then I shoot and shoot and shoot it... I do wipe off the outside. When I feel like fouling or crud is a problem I clean it.

    I'm of the school of thought that if it won't run a little dirty I don't want it.

    Its been working for me a really long time.... I love Glocks :)
  33. Its not that hard to do a quick cleaning.. i dont understand the being happy i have 12 thousand rounds thru my gun and its filthy deal. We had an idiot at work that bought new cars and sold them at 5 years old... never changed oil even once.. why would you do that ??
  34. I don't understand the people who care so deeply about how often I clean my guns.
  35. *I have a Ruger MRKIII ... What a royal pain that thing is to take down - I dread it !!