Cleaning squirrel for cooking

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    Okay, after several threads about squirrel recepies I've wanted to try some. I've shot many a squirrel but never as game, simply to keep them from tearing up my yard. I have no idea how to clean and prep one for cooking/eating. I think I have a good idea how to do the actual cooking now, probably either slow cooked in the crock pot or fried but could someone guide me through the cleaning process? Thanks!
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    This was covered in a previous thread a few weeks back. But most do the cut at the tail based and use the tail and feet as leverage and pull the furr down to the head. You can also cut them around the middle in a circle and pull the top up over the head the bottom down to the tail. Cut off the hands and feet and the tail and you should have one naked squirrel.

    Gutting is simple and easy, one small slit from chest to anus area and scrape out the inisdes and private parts. Make sure you don't froget the 2 kidneys that will be attach to the backstrap walls.

    Wash the squirrel and pick off any hair with a edge of a knife blade or tweezer. if you have a lighter or flame you can singe them off also.

    I pre soak my squirrels in a bowl of salt and blasmic vinegar solution until all of the blood is soak out ( which isn't alot ) and then pkg in a freezer bag and store for a later use.

    good hunting and good eatin!