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Cleaning slide with alcohol

  1. I used isopropyl rubbing alcohol,usp 70%, the guy at the gun shop said it will rust the slide. Thanks.
  2. Put a very lite coat of oil on it after cleaning.
  3. thank you sir. p.s. I cleaned may be 4 or 5 times and didnt put any oil on it, any harm done.
  4. Youre fine, alcohol will NOT rust the slide, it dries too quickly. I clean my slide with alcohol all the time to clean any oil off of places it isnt supposed to be, never had a single bad side effect.
  5. +1 I have used alcohol to clean before. No harm done at all.
  6. Thank all of you for the help. Have a safe and nice night.
  7. Maybe it's that the alcohol takes off all the protective oil, leaving it vulnerable.
  8. 70% Alcohol leaves a lot of water behind in the form of bubbles as it dries.
    I always use 91% for any cleaning.
  9. This is a good point....everclear would be good for cleaning also, since it is 95% alcohol, and yes, I am serious.
  10. When I use alcohol to clean the gun, I prefer ethanol over isopropyl. I usually lick it off rather than risk incomplete evaporation.
  11. Hickok45 uses rubbing alcohol to clean his Glocks in the concentration range you are using (90-95% isopropyl alcohol). Ballistol and rubbing alcohol are the only solvents and lubricant he uses. He recorded the Glock cleaning videos linked below.

    To the OP, one thing is guaranteed, if rubbing alcohol caused any harm to a Glock pistol, Greg Hickok would have discovered it years ago.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZf4mUM10Vc"]Glock Cleaning Basics - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VTIqAMPOco"]Glock Cleaning 2 (Slide Disassembly) - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Thank you Sir.Have a safe night.
  13. just don't drink any alcohol when cleaning your guns. and i think hickoc uses degenerated alcohol
  14. Yup, denatured (90% or higher, I believe...) to clean out the slide stuff. Works like a champ on your computer's keyboard/trackpad/mouse, too!

    I've used it for years with no ill effects. Just make sure you oil what's supposed to be oiled, though.
  15. Denatured alcohol is good too. I use the 91% Isopropyl though. You have to remember 70% alcohol has 30% water.
  16. You may be referring to a throw-away line that Hickok utters as an afterthought at the 4:35 time mark of the first video, but he isn't using denatured alcohol in the video to clean his Glock. Just to be clear, Hickok45 is using common rubbing alcohol made from isopropyl alcohol and purified water that he buys in a concentration in the range of 90-95% alcohol. I asked this question and he confirmed it in a PM several months ago.

    Denatured alcohol is ethanol (grain alcohol) that has been rendered unfit for human consumption by adding poisonous and foul-tasting chemicals. Dozens of different additives can be combined with ethanol to make denatured alcohol including (but not limited to) methanol, isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, pyridine, benzene, diethyl phthalate, naphtha, and even gasoline to name a few.

    My only point is if you want to use denatured alcohol for cleaning just be sure first what is in it. I'm sticking with simple 90-95% isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) in water for my Glock. I have used some 99% isopropyl alcohol that I bought at Amazon.com in the past, but it doesn't do any better job of cleaning IMHO.
  17. Thats BS dude! LOL! :faint:

    I use isopropyl on not only my Glock slides but also a bare stainless Kahr slide (which would be MUCH more likely to rust than a Glock slide), and do not show even a hint of rust on any of my pistols. If you were that worried, you could use 90% instead of 70% isopropyl, or use non-chlorinated brake cleaner as an alternative. Also, if you intend to store your gun in the safe for extended periods, wipe the slide down with a silicone rag or a lightly oiled rag (I use Ballistol). Standard procedure for me.

    As a side note, have you ever seen the Glock 21 torture test floating around the internet? (there was a post on GT at one point as well). You wouldn't believe what it takes to instigate rust in a Tenifer treated Glock slide.
  18. I've learned to take the things said at my LGS with a grain of salt. Others results may vary.

    I've bathed all my Glocks in hot water and dish soap after a detail strip. Been doing it for years and no ill effects yet. If anything would rust it, id imagine it would be that.
  19. I'll throw mine in a soapy bowl of water also. I use the alcohol to dissipate the water.
  20. Correct!

    We use alcohol in the Navy to clean a lot of parts and areas in aircraft. If it caused corrosion/rust it would be stopped with a quickness. I personally wouldn't use it on firearms. It can dry plastics/polymers out. The plastic areas I have used it on eventually appear to be faded with a white haze like appearance. It goes away when a oil or corrosion preventor is applied. It does and will reappear when that wears out. Not sure what it would do to a Glock's polymer parts. We also use a dry cleaning solvent that has the same effect. With all the products out there made for firearms I don't bother with other products not specifically made for them. Doesn't mean they(things like alcohol, motor oil, etc) don't work the same, less or better. I just don't mess with it.
  21. I had 70/30 Iso alcohol so thats what I was using until it was all. Now I use the 91%.
  22. Me, too. Sometimes I use Brake Cleaner...cheaper than Gun Scrubber.
  23. alcohol is a great degreaser, we used it when I went to gunsmithing school to degrease metal before we blued it. Just put a little oil back on it and call it a day
  24. yup wally world non chlor brake cleaner...$1.29! (Gunscrubber (same thing) LGS..$8.99 crazy!), Mobile One...$3.49 a quart (will outlast me) Brown tub axle grease $.99 on sale will outlive me also....i'm good with a few curved end syringes you use to flush out ears and teeth, fill 1/2 way with the oil in one, grease in another, put a toothpick in the end for a plug and off you go. i do keep a spray can of remoil in the bar with some rags for when i'm in my chair watching TV dry firing bad guys just to quick wipe down before putting away.
  25. I have used Isopropyl alcohol 70% or better for years. Back about ten years ago a old fellow who is a muzzle loader told me he mixed his Ballistol 30% to 70% using 70% or better Isopropyl alcohol.
    Since I tried his suggestion I haven't changed a thing or had any rust and I shoot quite a bit of black powder. SJ 40