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Cleaning out my garage!!!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Nester, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. Nester


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    Jun 14, 2002
    Would you like to trades/sell some kit , here's a list of some of the kit , it is used but still in very good shape:

    * 84 pattern ruck w/ frame and all straps
    * Webbing that includes 2x mag pouches, 1 x gas mask (Large) w/ Bag, compass holder, kfs,,Canteen w/steel cup and holder, C7 bayonet w/frog, buttpack, field dressing, ranger beads,
    * Aluminum snowshoes w/bindings
    * assorted clothing, everything from wet weather boots to extreme weather mask
    * assorted odds and sods, bfa, slings, patches, etc
    * aluminum cot
    * UN beret
    * ipe bag
    * socks /T shirts of every colour and description
    * CF trench coat
    * 105mm Brass casing
    * Military plastic canteens
    * mag pouches
    * yoke, straps, belt for a 2nd set of webbing
    Some of the smaller items :
    Field dressings
    C7 Assault slings
    C9 Sling
    2 Qt Collapsible canteen
    Artic Candles
    KFS (knives, fork, spoon)
    KFS Holder
    Fuel Tablets, Hexamine, 24 per box
    Trip Flare Surface, Cyalume- uses a glow stick
    Angle Flashlights, w/filters
    Gasmask filters
    Magazine Stipper clip feeder
    Face Paint, Camouflage
    Elcan Scope Covers
    Helmet Bands
    Wool Socks, Large
    Ground Sheet
    Laundry Bags
    Sleeping Bag Valise
    Antenna Bags
    Mosquito Headnet
    Mosquito Bar
    Compass Holder
    Hood, Sleeping Bag Cold Weather, OD
    Towels, OD
    Dust Goggles
    T Shirts, OD
    Hood, Extreme Cold Weather, White
    Scrim Scrap Camo Kit, for making a ghille suit

    Leitz Canada/ "Elcan" 7x50 military binoculars in Good condition available for sale. NSN 1240-21-863-8282 Features include roof prism construction, individually focusing eyepieces, coated optics, long eye relief, , IF, 17mm eye relief, aluminum, immersion waterproof, FOV 130mils Mils indicator. The optics are still in awesome shape, the binoculars themselves have a few rub marks.
    Comes with green canvas case.