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So i've been called back to do another tour over in the sandbox, theres a few financial things I want to take care of before I go, so i'm listing some spare military gear that I figure someone out there either collects or can use, and its all in really good shape, pics are available upon request along with a detailed description of item, and you can either PM me here, or send me an email at [email protected], i've bought items off of a few members here as well as sold and traded some guns and items of my own on here so I have a good record, and I plan to keep it that way. Shipping isnt included in prices, but I will only charge the exact amount it cost to mail it to you by USPS. I will give discounts to the more you buy and I basically just want to sell this all fast so give me a best offer if you want. Quantity available is before item.

(1) US ISSUE Nomex Flight Gloves Size 7$15/ea.SPF

Woodland Utilities Uniform (BDU's) 2 Full Sets of Desert Cammies 1 medium size pants 1 large size pants and 2 medium size tops $8 per set shipped

(1) Desert Field Jacket Size S/R $12 shipped

(1) Mens Wool Sweater WWII Size-L $6 shipped
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