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G21SF, Clays, Precision Delta 230gr FMJ, COAL 1.253" +- 0.005

3.7gr 663.9fps
3.8gr 688.2fps
3.9gr 704.8fps
4.0gr 720.5fps

Same loads from a Springfield full size 1911

3.7gr 691.1fps
3.8gr 728.9fps
3.9gr 724.2fps *
4.0gr 757.2fps

Not sure what happened with the 1911 3.9gr string. Its low was lower than the 3.8 low, and its high was lower than the 3.8 it's not like there was just one extra low velocity round that threw off the avg.

Even at Hodgdon's max recommended load, Clays just barely makes major. They did shoot nice though. I'll probably shorten the COAL about 0.01" and load some more. It's tempting to load some at 3.7gr to use for GSSF. I may try shooting some pins in the near future with 4gr.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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