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Class IV armor plate and travel

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I am preparing for my trip for the purposes of safety. My goal is to help protect the kids I will be accompanying. I have a Class III armor book bag, but I'm considering taking my Class IV plate. Do you foresee any issues with it (Class IV Armor plate) going in my carry on bag? Should I just put it into checked baggage, instead?

Thanks for the advice, as always.

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Rick, I've traveled WEARING body armor (did so a couple of years after 9/11); and there's no law against it.

However, that was soft armor. Steel plates might be seen as having potential to be "weaponized." The same might be true of a hard ceramic plate.

Your best bet is to contact the airline, ask them about the policy specifically, get an answer in writing and have multiple printouts of it with you when you travel if they tell you it's OK.

You also want to check with the British Embassy; I don't know what their current rules are about possession of body armor in Great Britain.

Best of luck,
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