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Cimarron (Uberti) 1858 Factory Conversion 45LC, w/5.5” barrel

Received this revolver from my FFL and right away, noticed the fit and finish were outstanding!

Was not expecting such rich bluing and tight tolerances, as previously owned a Uberti Cattleman SAA clone….and it was nowhere near this level of finish.

Cleaned & lubed, bought some Magtech 250gr flat nose bullets from my local gunshop, and went to the range.

Magtech lists the following specs (obtained from a 4” barrel): Muzzle velocity=761 fps, with 322 ft LBs of energy… other words….weak Cowboy loads!

I will find my own load for this revolver, once I have fired a couple hundred factory loads, but fired 100 rounds of Magtech during this break-in range session.

I started off from 12 yds away, shooting at small paper plates. I was elated to find that the first 5 shots were clover-leafed on the plate! That’s right, my first 5 shots were all touching!

The range had about 5 other shooters present, so I had to spend the rest of my time from the 25 yd line.

Our range has cardboard tubes hanging from a rope, at 25 yds out. I was smoking these things WITH EASE! I was getting cocky and hitting them while they were still swinging from the previous hit…..

Feeling very happy with this revolver, I took a cylinder full at the 100 yd gong. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, miss, Ding. 5 out of 6 shots hit the 100 yd gong, and by this time, the other shooters were commenting and asking about the Uberti.

After 50 rounds, I removed the cylinder and cleaned it, the cylinder pin, and the barrel.

The rest of the time was split evenly between careful, slow, aimed fire and rapid fire using both hands and strong hand only.

The trigger was super crisp with barely any creep, and was relatively light.

The overall quality and accuracy of this revolver took me by surprise, and this 1858 is going to be seeing a lot of action at the range!


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Very nice, my Uberti cap and ball 58 has nice bluing too.
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