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    Cowboy Joe was telling his fellow cowboys back on the ranch about his
    first visit to a big-city church. "When I got there, they had me park my
    old truck in the corral," Joe began.
    "You mean the parking lot," interrupted Charlie, a more worldly fellow.
    "I walked up the trail to the door," Joe continued.
    "The sidewalk to the door," Charlie corrected him.
    "Inside the door, I was met by this dude," Joe went on.
    "That would be the usher," Charlie explained.
    "Well, the usher led me down the chute," Joe said.
    "You mean the aisle," Charlie said.
    "Then, he led me to a stall and told me to sit there," Joe continued.
    "Pew," Charlie retorted.
    "Yeah," recalled Joe. "That's what that pretty lady said when I sat down
    beside her."