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    A small Texas town got a new preacher who looked amazingly like Conway Twitty. He held his first services at the church, and the parishoners (especially the ladies) were all agog at how much he resembled the Nashville star...
    On Monday, the preacher set out to visit some of the members who'd not attended services that recent Sunday, and everywhere he knocked on a door, the lady of the house would gasp, and cry, "Oh, my GOD! It's Conway Twitty!"
    He'd gently explain that he was simply their new minister, and not Conway....
    After visiting several homes, he knocked on one door where the lady of the house was just finishing her morning shower...she wrapped a towel around her and opened the door, and .....clasped her hands to her face, shrieking, "It's Conway Twitty!", which, of course, allowed the towel to
    slip to the floor.....
    The preacher gazed on her charms a moment, and said, "Hello, Darlin!"