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Church Security/Safety Team Training

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Brian@ITC, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I just got out of a meeting with a local church (Richmond, IN area) and they are considering hosting a church security/safety team conference. Although we don’t have a date just yet, I wanted to make you all aware that we will likely be holding a conference in the next 8 -12 weeks (possibly less).

    I know that not having dates pinned down is not ideal, but I do know that some of you may need to go through the “funding process” with your church. That is of course, unless you are flipping the bill yourself.

    To date I have 4 churches that are willing to travel well over 3 hours to attend a conference. I will update this posting ASAP with dates. More than likely it will be a Friday and Saturday.

    • 2 full days of church security training (10 hours each day) – value $3,500
    • FREE 1-year membership in our Interactive Online Training Program – value $300
    • FREE copy of The Watchman, our 8-hour church security video –value $399
    This represents $4,200 worth of training for $450.

    Over the two days, the seminar will cover more than 60 key concepts to help you secure your church and protect your flock, including:
    • Site Vulnerability
    • Access Control & Security
    • Justifying the Team to Your Pastor
    • The Security Plan
    • Team Purpose
    • Team Selection
    • Team Member Interview Process
    • Selecting Team Leaders & Associate Team Leaders
    • Team Mindset
    • Developing Threat Awareness
    • Team Member Levels
    • Team Visibility
    • Intel Sources
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Team Scheduling & Arrival
    • Team Daily Checklist
    • Team Clothing Selection
    • Team Equipment
    • Light Selection
    • Light Intimidation
    • Radio Selection
    • Weapon Selection
    • Holsters
    • Weapon Limitations
    • Ammo Selection
    • Handgun Setup
    • Modes of Carry
    • AR Setup
    • Shotgun Setup
    • Body Armor
    • Initial Training Requirements
    • Child Protection
    • Team Drills
    • 4 Levels of Skills
    • Live Fire Skills (basic)
    • Gun Safety Rules
    • Barricaded Subject vs. Active Shooter
    • Radio Codes and Procedures
    • Bomb Threats
    • Evacuation Plans
    • Lockdown
    • Integration of EMT Services
    • Calibers and Shot Placement
    • Rituals of Attack
    • Elements of a Confrontation
    • Use of Force
    • Non Lethal Force
    • Cover vs. Concealment
    • Target Indicators
    • The Fatal Funnel
    • Trouble Spots & Mirror Placement
    • Tactical Furniture Arrangement
    • Ready Positions
    • Hand Switch Drill
    • Team Positioning
    • Protecting the Offering
    • Closed Circuit TV Placement
    • Verbal Tactics
    • Hand Signals
    • Slicing the Pie & Portable Mirror Techniques
    • Room Entry – Single & Team
    • Hallway Tactics
    • Stairwell Tactics
    • Sanctuary Tactics
    • Foyer Tactics
    • Contact with Bad Guy
    • Speed & Tactical Reloads
    • Shotgun Patterning
    • Live Fire Skills (advanced)
    • Continued Training
    • Church Drills
    • Takedowns
    • Choke Techniques
    • Gun Disarms
    • Gun Retention
    • Contacting Law Enforcement About Your Team
    • What to Do When Law Enforcement Arrives
    • What to Say (and Not Say) to Law Enforcement
    • Legal Information

    Contrary to popular belief, this ministry is not what most people think that it is. Rather, it complicated in nature and requires the right people for the “job”.

    You WILL be overwhelmed with information! This conference is good for those who intend to get a team up and running and for those who already have a team up and running but are looking to take their skills to the next level.

    The cost of the conference is $450 for up to 2 people per church. There is no discount for just one person attending.

    Please contact us if you have any interest in attending.

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