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So today I set up my Competition Electronics chronograph and test fired the Corbon 9mm 115gr JHP +p load in my G19. The average of five shots was a whopping 1365 FPS with an extreme spread of only 24 FPS. Out of a 4-inch barrel! I just found a new CCW load.
The singular focus on one aspect of a round doesn't convince me of its viability. A 9mm JHP that mushroomed to 5" might look tremendous on paper but if it only penetrated to 1/2 inch it would be practically worthless.

What bullet does Cor-Bon load in this ammo, and what is the penetration and expansion in calibrated ordinance gel? Are there any "street cred" testimonials as to its effectiveness as there are for Gold Dot, HST, 9BPLE, Winchester's 127-grain +P+, and some other rounds?

Some posters are forever trying to convince readers that a 5-grain all-copper bullet design in .357sig flying out of a 4" barrel at 45,500 fps is the only way to CCW. I'm not convinced.

Can you point us to credible information that your round has more than velocity going for it that would bump the Big Ammo loads I mentioned above?
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