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Well, this is it, they have a two month long rifle season opening up to wipe out the herd.
I feel like I lost my hunting. Anyone have any more info? My deer hunting days seem to be numbered.
This is from WI DNR.

What is Chronic Wasting Disease?
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a new disease threat to North American deer populations. CWD is a brain disease related to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, also known as "Mad Cow Disease." CWD affects elk, mule and white-tailed deer. It has been diagnosed in free-ranging deer and elk primarily in northeastern Colorado/southeastern Wyoming and adjacent Nebraska, but has been found in captive elk in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Saskatchewan, and South Dakota.
Researchers are just beginning to understand CWD. CWD appears to be caused by an abnormal protein called a prion. CWD can be spread by close contact between animals, and animals exposed to a CWD-contaminated environment may also become infected. Usually, months to years pass from when the animal is infected to when it shows signs of disease. Classic CWD signs in deer/elk 18 months or older include poor body condition, tremors, stumbling, increased salivation, difficulty swallowing, and excessive thirst or urination. There has been no way to test a live animal for CWD; the brain from a recently dead animal is examined microscopically. Researchers in Colorado are developing a live animal test for deer, using tonsil biopsies.

Are Wisconsin wild deer infected with CWD?
Wisconsin has surveyed wild deer for CWD since 1999. Over 1000 deer have been sampled. Three CWD positive deer have now been identified from samples collected during the 2001 gun deer season. All 3 deer were harvested from deer management unit 70A (portions of Dane and Iowa counties). All 3 were bucks 2 ½ – 3 years old.
The testing of all 400 statewide deer samples collected in 2001 was completed in March 2002 and the remaining samples were negative.
We will continue annual testing to monitor for CWD. As a hunter, you may be asked by DNR personnel to provide a brain tissue sample from your deer. This is voluntary, but your cooperation is important in monitoring for this disease.
Current sampling efforts are underway in a surveillance area centered around the location of the original three positive deer. Results from those samples will be posted on this site as they become available.

Is CWD a human health hazard?
The World Health Organization has said there is no scientific evidence CWD can infect humans. However, WHO also says no part of a deer or elk with evidence of CWD should be eaten by people or other animals. Over 16 years of monitoring in the infected area in Colorado has found no disease in people or cattle living there.

For questions or comments about Chronic Wasting Disease, send mail to: Wildlife

Reference Maps
Chronic Wasting Disease Eradication Zone (Updated 5/22/02)

CWD Surveillance Results (Updated 5/22/02)

Deer Harvested in the Surveillance Area

Deer Management Units Sampled for CWD 1999-2001

CWD in North America

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They recently here in okla. had to dispose of a captive elk heard,but the wild heards of elk and deer are checked threw out the year and as of yet no check reveiled a diseased animal yet.I eat 3 deer ayear so i keep a close check on there reports.

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Have any of you guys ever been in a tree stand way after dark you know
Those days where you have the woods alive around you..
Have you ever been in a morning freezing rain when everything has a layer of frost and you can hear each leaf break off and hit the ground?
I don't know what it is about being there but I feel close to god.
The point where I have a deer come up and stop 15yards a way.
Words can't do it Justus. Only another bow hunter knows the instinct that is something animalistic it's probably the purest thing I have ever or will ever do.
Unless you're a deer hunter this probably doesn't make sense.

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I am not a Bow hunter but I know the feeling. During gun season we are not allowed to start shooting till around 7 am. I like to get out to my sport around 6 am just so I can take in the feeling of the woods at night. To me that is the best part of hunting. Mike you taking part in the hunt? When does this season begin?

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Wow from when I first posted the season changed it started this weekend.
I'm late!
This is from WI DNR

First landowner shooting period begins
this weekend in CWD eradication zoneDeer collection sites establishedMADISON -- Beginning tomorrow, Saturday June 8, permitted landowners or their proxies within the 361 square mile Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Eradication Zone can begin killing white-tailed deer on their property. Brain and lymph tissue samples will be taken from collected deer for laboratory analysis.
"This first landowner deer collection period, running from June 8 to June 14, will provide additional knowledge about CWD in the area. Later this month, at the Natural Resources Board meeting, we anticipate the board will give us legal authority to work with area landowners in bringing the deer population in the Eradication Zone to as low a level as possible. The department feels this action is necessary in order to prevent further (disease) transmission," said Carl Batha, CWD incident commander based at Dodgeville.
"We realize that there are many reasons to be outdoors at this time of year and that both area residents and recreationists are concerned about additional hunting during summer months. We’ve scheduled this hunt in one-week blocks with periods of at least three non-hunting weeks in between to give folks a comfort level as close to normal as possible and to reduce the impact of this hunt on landowner’s lives. The one week blocks will also allow deer to resume normal patterns between hunting periods."
Other summer shooting periods are slated for July 13-19, Aug. 10-16 and Sept. 7-13.
Landowners interested in participating in the summer hunts contacted the department and volunteered to help. Department staff has been issuing permits as quickly as possible starting last week. Permits will be good through Sept. 13, 2002, and they will allow landowners or their proxies to shoot deer on their properties only during the four hunting periods. Deer may be killed beginning 30 minutes before sunrise to 20 minutes after sunset.
The permit holder and their agents do not need a deer-hunting license, but they must meet the legal, age and hunter safety requirements for obtaining a deer hunting license in Wisconsin. They must also wear blaze orange while hunting.
The CWD Eradication Zone encompasses western Dane-eastern Iowa Counties and a small portion of southern Sauk County.
Rifles will be allowed in Dane County, "although its clearly a landowner option. Rifles are more effective and we feel using them during seven-day periods is the best option to maximize efficiency of killing deer," Batha explained.
Batha emphasized that landowners who are allowing others to kill deer on their property should make sure these shooters know the property boundaries and the locations of buildings, roads and houses not only on their land, but neighboring properties as well.
"Remind them of the basics of hunter safety and pass on our thanks to them for their help in eradicating this disease," Batha said. "We are also cautioning hunters to be very sure of their targets and what is beyond the target because summer foliage reduces visibility.
The heads of all deer will be collected by DNR staff for tissue sampling. It is the agency’s intent to test all tissue samples from deer kept for human consumption, subject to lab capacity and tissue sample quality.
"All deer should be transported as soon as possible to a CWD collection site to ensure a useable tissue sample," Batha said.
Deer Collection Sites
CWD deer collection sites will be located two miles north of Barneveld on County Highway T and three miles north of Mazomanie on County Highway Y.
Tissue samples taken will be tested as quickly as laboratory capacity permits.
After tagging a deer with a permit tag and giving the head to DNR for disease testing, the permit holder or agent may keep the carcass or give it to another for consumption.
To help prevent the possible spreading of CWD elsewhere, carcasses cannot be transported outside the eradication zone. Unused parts should be disposed of at one of DNR collection sites.
Initially, carcasses brought to the DNR collection sites will be frozen on site for later transport to an incinerator service.
DNR mailed a letter two weeks ago to about 4,600 landowners in the Eradication Zone seeking their participation in halting the spread of CWD. To date, about 1,650 landowners have responded positively, indicating that they or their agents would like to receive permits or they are willing to allow government marksmen on their property to remove deer. As of late Thursday, over 800 permits had been issued.
"We are extremely gratified at this landowner response," Batha noted.
"DNR shooters will assist landowners in removing deer from their property subject to staffing availability. We will also be working with landowners to raise their level of confidence so that they will allow other shooters (besides government marksmen) on their property.
"We will facilitate this linkage of landowners with shooters," he added.
The last time deer shooting was allowed during June, except for agricultural damage permits, was in 1850, when the hunting ‘season’ lasted year round. Starting in 1851, limited seasons were established, although many of these periods began later in the summer and ran into December. A fall hunting framework was first set up in 1887, when the deer season ran from Oct. 1 to Nov. 10.
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Carl Batha, CWD incident Commander, Fitchburg: (608) 275-3248, Greg Matthews, Regional Public Affairs Mgr., Fitchburg: (608) 275-3317, or Bob Manwell, Lands Public Affairs Manager, Madison: (608) 264-9248

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