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New in box. comes with sheath and all paperwork,2006 production

"...After many years of listening to hunters (both in the USA and in Africa) telling me what the ideal skinner should be and be able to do, I was totally confused. I am not a hunter and have never skinned an animal--nor do I particularly intend to! However, after 13 years as a tool and die maker and 14 years as a knifemaker--8 of those years running concurrently--I had a good idea of what a tool should do and how it should be handled.

My Skinner may be a little unconventional but I have designed this knife to cover a wide range of tasks relating to skinning as well as around camp and even in the home. The cutting edge is rugged enough to take a lot of punishment but, if properly sharpened, will do the most delicate cutting tasks.

The name which I like for my skinner is "Ubejane" or "Mbhejane" which in Zulu (the native language of the area in South Africa where I grew up) means Rhinoceros. The Rhino is a large, powerful animal with a strong up-tilting horn--my skinner echoes those attributes!"--Chris Reeve. (1990)

The leather sheath supplied with the Skinner has a strap closure which passes from left to right around the cross guard. To ensure that the knife does not fall from the sheath should the strap become unfastened, there is a nylon stud in place above the cross guard on the right hand side.


* Blade material: A2 Tool Steel
* Blade hardness: 55-57 RC
* Blade coating: KG Gunkote
* Blade length: 4.5" (114 mm)
* Blade thickness: 0.177" (4.5 mm)
* Overall length: 9.5" (241 mm)
* Handle material: A2 Tool Steel
* Butt cap material: D65S Aluminum
* Weight: 11.50 oz. (326 g)
* Sheath: skinner, leather

MSRP $295
Sell $260 Shipped and insured
USPS money order prefered. Paypal add 3%

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