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Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockrunner, Oct 24, 2002.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    A man dies and goes to hell. The devil explains that there are three sectors in hell, and that the man gets to choose where he would like to spend eternity.

    First, the man sees many people standing on their heads in fire. Their screams convince him that he does not want to be there.

    Second, the man sees many people standing on their heads on ice. Their pleading eyes convince him that his cold nature could not stay there.

    Third, the man sees many people standing around ankle deep in horse manure and drinking coffee.

    He tells the devil that he could adjust to the smell and that he liked coffee. So the man chose the third sector for eternity.

    As the door slammed shut, the man heard an announcement: "coffee break is over, everybody stand on your head!"