CHL holders, act NOW!

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    SB 534 would prevent employers from penalizing a CHL holder for keeping a handgun in a locked vehicle in the company parking lot while at work.

    It is currently in this committee.

    There isn't much time left to get it moving before the legislative session ends.

    Send them an email (just click on a committe member's name and you'll be taken to their website and given the option to send an email) and let them know that it doesn't make sense to disarm a permit holder from the time they leave home in the morning until the time they return from work at night.

    An email to House Speaker Tom Craddick would help too.

    It's easy to say that one could just change jobs, but I had around a decade invested in my career at my company before they changed their policy to forbid CHL holders' handguns in locked cars in the parking lot. And if I changed jobs to a company that allowed it, there's no guarantee that the new company wouldn't change its policy the next day.

    My company provides on site security but that doesn't do anything for me during my 90 minute commute nor during the errands I often run after work. Parking offsite is a solution for some but many, like me, can't do it feasibly.

    The bill only applies to CHL holders and provides liability immunity for the employers for any incidents relating to CHL holder's handguns. Even so, there are several large businesses and business associations lobbying heavily against it. One provided the results of a poll to support their argument but the questions they asked were pretty skewed--among other things, they failed to inform the polled persons that the bill only applied to permit holders.

    There's a VERY good chance that this bill will pass if it can just get out of committee and Perry will sign it if it comes to him.
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