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Chinese version of BMW X 5

  1. Ang US F 22 Raptor ma imitate din , tingnan natin.
  2. You should see the Chinese copy of the Isuzu D-Max double-cab pick-up here in Cebu. Only difference is the logo on the grill and it stood much higher.:)

    Colt's patent already expired long before we were born,:supergrin: so ok lang; besides Norinco's version can stand on its own merits. Besides, the Chinese already cloned the M14 (originally for the NPA), and make its own copy of the M16 called the CQ. Isuzu can get these there in Canada; I stumbled upon a Canadian on-line catalog some months ago offering these.:thumbsup:
  3. Every country copied them din naman di ba, or bitbit nila as immigrants...

    Ramon Zamora for Bruce Lee
    Rey Malonzo for Jacky Chan
    Berting Labra for Samo Hung :shocked:
    Printing press
    kung fu
    Mano po
    Yang chow

    Ganti-ganti lang... Besides, the bargain prices of their knockoffs is good for economic tightwads like me. hehehe :supergrin:
  4. I remember na may maraming Chinese motorcycles sa atin na. What are the brand names BTW? they seem to be also good and affordable.
    I used to have a Honda C 70 in college. That was a good one. Ang alam ko the only way you can get them now new is thru dealers in Mindanao. Bakit kaya. Most of the bikes now are made in Thailand, Indonesia and even in Manila daw. Ano ang masasabi nyo sa quality?

  5. The Chinese are now building their licensed copy of the SU 30.

  6. CatsMeow,

    It's very tempting to get the M14 for CDN$399.00;) Kaso lang, it's still out of stock at Marstar Canada for over six months already. Marstar's competitor sells them at over CDN$600.00 which is very unrealistic. I'm also thinking of getting an NZ85. The first gen M14Ss had problems with their bolts. There was an error in the forging method, and these caused them to crack.

    The only disadvantage is that I cannot bring Norincos with me if I decide to move to the States later on because of the ban.
  7. The Chinese copy almost everything. During the mid-90's, China Road was constructing the road from Kabankalan-Sipalay and the Canlaon road. They had what looked like Isuzu Elf trucks and Isuzu heavy trucks with front drives, and weighted rims.
  8. S Korean daw ang gumawa sa provincial road sa amin, okey daw
  9. Ramstar, brought in by Ramas Uypitching and Sons. All the names of their bikes start with Ram, as in Ramjet, etc.:supergrin: I always see truckloads of them headed towards Dumaguete. They are exact duplicates of Honda bikes, but I heard not equal in quality. No personal experience, since I don't own a motorcycle. Still, they do aftermarket service at their dealership in front of Holy Child Hospital. The dealers of Japanese-make bikes are fighting back, though, Du Ek Sam (dealer of Honda) plus a plethora of new dealers of Suzukis and Kawasakis.

    I don't remember the other brands though.
  10. They do their job as per specs unlike our local contractors. That's why the new airport in Silay has a Korean contractor. The Bacolod-Silay road was built by Han-il of Korea more than 20 years ago. Still no repairs done on the road.

    The Bacolod Circumferential Road was built by local contractors. One section from CL Montelibano-Bata is severely damaged.
  11. Yes there was a discussion on this in the MBR forum. If you move to the States you could always get the Springfield Armory M1A, or build one from a parts kit from Sarco.:thumbsup:

    I saw a picture of the road graders donated to us by the Chinese some days ago..they look like Komatsus...;)

  12. Yeah, I know them the Ramas Uypitchings. Don and Tyrone are friends too. They were the Honda big franchiser before but things have shifted now to Chinese made ones. Thats interesting.
  13. Impressive, most impressive...(trip ko si Darth Vader):supergrin:

    I heard somewhere that, regarding the cancelled Israeli Lavi F-16 based program, the prototype was not scrapped but somehow ended up in China, which is why those new Chinese fighters resemble an F-16.

    And to the consternation of US defense officials, the Israelis sold the Chinese air-to-air missiles, which were then seen on the wings of those fighters intercepting (and later colliding with) USN EP-3s recce aircraft.;)

    Oh, BTW, Tyrone always gives me a calendar every new year.:)
  14. Just remembered, the Chinese bought the retired Australian Navy aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne, ostensibly for scrap, but are taking their time dismantling the ship; the reason is pretty obvious, soon they will have their own aircraft carrier.:) As of now in Asia only Thailand has one, Spanish-made.
  15. Isnt that the one converted to a casino? Then they are refitting it now as a training ship aircraft carrier to launch their licensed copy of the SU 30s (in the near future)?
  16. Nakalimutan mo yata ang siomai, fishball, at lugao.:)
  17. That may be the Kuznetsov class carrier Varyag, which was sold by Ukraine to China on the condition that it will not be fitted for combat. However, the sneaky Chinese repainted it, now named Shi Lang, in PLAN (Navy) colors and intends to use it for training. It's now sitting in Dalian, China; the possibility is that it will be made fully operational.

    Also, while they eventually scrapped HMAS Melbourne in Dalian, they reconstructed its flight deck, and have been testing launching aircraft by catapult. So yes we expect to see a Chinese Navy carrier soon, with SU-30s.:)

    The Thai aircraft carrier is much smaller, a sister-ship of the Spanish Principe de Asturias, and the only fixed-wings it can launch are Harriers.:supergrin:
  18. I discovered pa naman a dimsum buffet here in Cebu.. yum yum!:thumbsup:
  19. Oo nga 'no...

    Pati lumpia, taho, chopsuey, kikiam, hototay, kulangot ng intsik, beto-beto, camisa de tsino, chino-elas, chino-patos, bakya, salakot, dama, gurion, at marami pang atbp... :thumbsup: :supergrin:
  20. CM, masarap yang authentic Cantonese style sausage sa Cebu, Kung Guan the name of the store. My late dad always buy liver sausages whenever he gets the chance to be there.
  21. Ganito din kasimple tingin ko sa Chinese products eh...

    Original Casio scientific calculator : P1,200 :brickwall:

    "Ja-fake" Karce scientific calculator: P 80 :drool:

    More money for shooting, golf and other vices: PRICELESS! :dancingbanana:
  22. Now if anybody will bring back the Chinese Makarov in .380 for less than 10k. I won't let it get away this time!:banana:

    Chowchow, I don't remember having tasted cantonese sausage, but I'll try.:)