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Chinese Targe Stand

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy one of these. My club needs new target stands.
  2. Here is another one.
  3. Backstop does not seem to matter either!

  4. Lots o' trust there!
  5. If you checked further, I would bet that both pictures were of dry fire or sight picture exercises, not live fire.
  6. I would like to belive that but it is the Chinese this is talking about. I wouldn't expect them to care if a lowly target holder got hit.
  7. Yep human life is cheap over there.

    Wouldn't surprise me if it was some part of their military discipline system. (ie you F up you have to be the target holder.)
  8. :rofl:
    I really need to sight in my Glock, cos it is shooting way low.
  9. Ms. Pelosi, you have a invitation to the next NRA convention........ ;)