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China Virus

    • I think China created the virus to control their population , found how how dangerous is was , locked down the area they tested it from the rest of China but decided to turn it loose on the rest of the world

    • Before the world became infected , they stockpiled PPE supplies so they could make big money and I even think they did it to help their best buddies (the Bidens ) take control of the USA. Also releasing it would bring the rest of the world to it's knees .
  1. I read somewhere that they were working on race-specific viruses. They get that done that they will rule the world.
  2. And to control world economy.
  3. Test run for the release of a more lethal virus with 40-60% mortality rate. Had to be sure they could control it within their country if they made a mistake, and needed to see how it would spread outside China.

    They have the answers to both of those questions now. The only question left is when are they going to kill the world?
  4. And people say a dead man switch on the nukes is a bad idea.

    I don’t doubt it was something they were playing with. If it was accident, or intended to set it free I don’t know. The a Democrat’s in a few cities took advantage to reduce elderly population in nursing homes. Just think you can reduce the most expensive patients, that traditionally don’t vote Democrat (unless “assisted”)
  5. "I think China created the virus to control their population , found how how dangerous is was , locked down the area they tested it from the rest of China but decided to turn it loose on the rest of the world"

    This is a question that will live on for decades, like Who Killed Kennedy.
  6. I just want to know why last nights fortune cookie didn't have a fortune in it?

    Conspiracy or un-fortun-ate?
  7. Sorry folks, it was a lab accident. My cousin and I have been researching this for some time. China was doing “gain of function manipulation.” The Erasmus Institute also carries on this research. Dr. Fouchier and his team did the same type of genetic manipulation to H5N1.

    The difference? Researchers outside of China are very careful. The ChiComs? Not so much. Unfortunately, they have a history of mishaps. Kanatjan Alibekov revealed this to USAMRIID when he defected to the west.

    They have been doing research on race targeted Bioweapons. Fortunately, because of racial mixing, that type of Bioweapon is very unlikely.

    You can bet that they have been watching our reaction to SARS CoV2 closely. They know a Bioweapon would devastate us.

    My leading candidate is H7N9.
  8. Just because it was an accident doesn't mean they aren't trying to control the world.
  9. I well placed thermonuclear device of the right size can kill the host and bio weapon/ virus.

    Thus stopping the spread
  10. It's a bioweapon test.
    The actual attack will be a more deadly virus with a vaccine available, at a price.
    And treatment drugs, at another price. Already tested and proven.
    Big Pharma already depends upon Red China, somebody's going to get very rich.
  11. I agree absolutely. In fact, I believe they will release a Bioweapon on this country at some point. Why go to war and risk nuclear devastation when a virulent virus can do all the work for you.
  12. "I think China created the virus to control their population..."

    Unlikely. First of all, the ruling class are a bunch of fat, unhealthy old men, mostly smokers. They would be the most vulnerable.

    It's far more likely that one of the lab techs, Sum Dum Gai, did as Chinese usually do, try to find a shortcut. That fatal cultural flaw let the virus escape the lab.

    For the same reason toddlers shouldn't play with loaded guns, Chinese should not play with deadly bio hazards.
  13. Well that went well.

  14. H7N9 fits that perfectly. No one except the ChiComs has the latest gene sequences for this virus. They stopped releasing those to the WHO over 2 years ago.

    I believe they have plans for this virus. We’d better be prepared for that eventuality.
  15. Is this the same China that is controlled by a brutally oppressive communist regime that desperately wants Biden to be President?
  16. Red China takes a longer view than Wall Street.
  17. Very true. I guess they forgot to look at who buys their crap.
  18. And thus could they be trying to influence the outcome of the election, just like, ahem, the Russians did in 2016?

    Even Pelosi said that Chiner prefers Joe over Bid D.
  19. No doubt the ChinaVirus was a product of bioengineering.

    The only question is whether the release was accidental, or intentional.

    I'll take intent for $1000, Alex.
  20. This. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is China's only Level 4 biological research facility.

    Think about that for a minute.....

    A Chinese Level 4 biological research facility.

    So it's either a cheap Chinese knock-off of a Level 4 facility, or they got help from outside to design and build it. And even if they did get help in designing and building it, there were probably serious corners cut in it's construction. Plus, it would need both serious maintenance, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

    Who here thinks the Chinese are capable of properly building, properly maintaining, and properly using, a Level 4 biological research facility?

    They were deep into Coronoavirus studies, and they had an "oops". If it was designed as a bio-weapon, we'd all be dead by now.
  21. Correct. This was not the first accident and I doubt the last.

    I also have a strong suspicion about how they treat people who have accidents in their research facilities. My guess?
    They’re probably told that you will be severely punished if you get yourself infected.

    I suppose that anyone that infects themselves would likely keep their mouths shut and take their chances. They’d probably go shopping in a wet market as well.

    Usual ChiCom response, hit everyone with a hammer if something goes wrong.
  22. An accident was bound to happen;




  23. Here's an article dealing with the origins of kung flu.
    For those that don't want to read it: Wuhan biolab.

  24. I do not believe it was an accident . I think it was planned . Just look at how things were or were not done .
  25. If it was planned, it was a piss-poor plan.

    And if it was planned, what was the plan? What was the point? Kill 89,000 (yeah, right!!) of their own people?
  26. Mao killed many more than 89k. ChiCom leaders have no regard for their citizens. Since they have a surplus of them now.
  27. Understood. What was their plan? What are they trying to accomplish?
  28. Elimination of those not fully communist enough to suit the party leaders.
  29. The lab was built by the French, and against many strong objections, turned over to the Chinese.


    The maximum-level biosafety laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the first of its kind to be built in China, and has been the centre of huge speculation since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic which originated in that city. The laboratory, which is equipped to handle Class 4 pathogens (P4) including dangerous viruses such as Ebola, was built with the help of French experts and under the guidance of French billionaire businessman Alain Mérieux, despite strong objections by health and defence officials in Paris. Since the laboratory's inauguration by prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve in 2017, however, France has had no supervisory role in the running of the facility and planned cooperation between French researchers and the laboratory has come to a grinding halt. Karl Laske and Jacques Massey report.
  30. I hope we are working on an H7N9 vaccine.
  31. While biologists tell us that "races" don't exist in humans, as there is greater genetic diversity within "races" than there is between "races". The reality is there are genetic differences between people's of certain regions. An example is a greater instance of sickle cell anemia in certain groups, due to a certain gene(s). So presumably if you could target a virus against those with a certain gene, then you target different groups of people on a gross basis.

    If there aren't genetic difference between groups, how does Ancestry DNA, and their rivals work?

    It would be difficult and a crude tool. Maybe they wouldn't care.

    Just remember there are scientists that tell us that genetics don't determine one's gender.
  32. Influenza A virus subtype H7N9 (A/H7N9) is a bird flu strain of the species Influenza virus A (avian influenza virus or bird flu virus). Avian influenza A H7 viruses normally circulate amongst avian populations with some variants known to occasionally infect humans.
  33. The only catch is that China has the latest sequences since it’s circulating in their poultry.

    It’s possible that other Southeast Asian countries may give us access.

    My greatest concern is China having another accident. I’m certain that they are/have performed gain of function manipulation on this virus. Worse yet, they may have weaponized it.
  34. The H7 designation stands for the Hemagglutinin gene. The N9 is the neuraminidase classification.

    H7N9 is believed to be the only H7 virus that can infect humans.
  35. The ChiComs and the Israelis both looked at this. It’s believed to be untenable. A dead end.
  36. For sane people that care about collateral damage.
  37. One possible motive is to get Biden elected. There is no doubt that the ChiComms would much prefer working with Biden than dealing with Trump.

    A more ominous motive is that it fits with their plan of world domination. The ChiComms are not globalists -- they have a saying, to the effect of "there can only be one sun in the sky," and they are hell bent on being that sun. What would be the cost of conventional or nuclear war with the USA? A helluva lot more than 89k Chinese would bite the dust.

    Now that they have tested the waters and have seen how dysfunctional the USA handled things with all the accusations and infighting, they may be poised to unleash the big one. I hope not.
  38. Their blatant disregard for human life coupled with their crappy safety record scares the hell out of me.

    Dual expression viruses became a reality over 20 years ago. I cringe when I think about what they may be working on.
  39. You are not alone in thinking this. They certainly have a number of BioAgents they could try.

    Would they? Who knows what the ChiComs are up to.
  40. Too many variables. Every 3rd child born is Chinese. I have 2 older brothers but I have absolutely no Chinese traits or appearance!
  41. My question; were the all the leaked videos of the sick and dead in China staged to set the world in panic?
  42. No