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Chicago Gun Control.

  1. Get rid of the bad people and not the guns! Time to thin them out a bit. Don't the Police there know how to shoot? They do in NYC.....hit the bystanders also.
  2. Great post..
  3. Uh... :whistling:

    Well then, uh... :dunno:

    Ya see, that's the problem. Can't have that. Better to disarm the law abiding and let them suffer at the hands of some ner-do-wells in order to keep hope and change alive and not upset the applecart voting machine.

    Compliant citizens are necessary for proper governmental control. They've already got a lot of compliance by those who are unarmed. Just need to convert the remainder.

    It's you old timey glocktalk liberty loving rabble rousers that are causing all the problems, what with wanting to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of your happiness. What ARE you thinking? Get with the program. :supergrin:
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  5. Compliant citizens... are not citizens they are subjects.
  6. I thought that is where the rest of the country was supposed to put the bad people?

    Think of Chicago as America's Australia.


  7. Then elect the biggest ******* as president. :wavey: