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Chiappa Rhino

  1. Has anyone seen or tried the Chiappa Rhino 357? I saw this on Guns America TV of the 2010 Shot Show
    <!-- m -->http://www.gunsamerica.com/video/player ... 17&vid=135<!-- m --> it's about 1:20 seconds into the video.
    Sounds really interesting and different. I was wondering if their claim that you can fire a 357 round and it feels like a 38 wadcutter is accurate? Definitely different looking.
    Any thoughts?
  2. I've seen it before.

    I actually like it, the full size that is.
  3. I'm not a big revolver enthusiast, but this one's interesting enough to get me curious...The low bore design taming some recoil seems logical, but I'd love to try it out firsthand!
  4. I think I'd have to shoot it first to know if I like it. The looks don't do it for me.
  5. I have seen those. Interesting design. IMO a full size .357 mag revolver does not have a lot of recoil, not hard to shoot accurately.

    I guess the Rhino has its place.
  6. I think it looks pretty cool. Since my only revolver is a .38 S&W 642 DAO snubbie, I might consider the 6" one to fill both the "Larger Frame DA/SA Revolver" and "Weird as hell" vacancies in my gun collection.

    I'm leaning to the 6" one since it has the top rail, which I'm thinking is to let me put a scope on it (another thing I've never tried on a handgun).
    Anyone know how a scope mount might work that far forward on the barrel rather than over the cylinder?
    Pic of 6" model: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_abaJ0xbRju4/SxPCnJL_McI/AAAAAAAACGY/2oEtosvKruk/s1600/Rhino6pollici-1.jpg

    Edit: One thing I think would definitely enhance this design, is rather than leave the top part hollow and unused, they should have left a hole for sticking in a Lasermax-like laser really close to the bore.
  7. :rofl:The chia-pet rhino is horribly ugly to me. Come on BAC. Don't get one. It'll ruin your carpet. :rofl:
  8. I think it's ugly, but I have a bunch of GLOCKs, so what do I know.
  9. I think it's awesome and I want one of each. So there.
  10. I think it's a fine looking gun. I might buy one when they come out, if I hear good things about the quality.

    I think a lot of the dislike comes from the fact that revolver guys, like 1911 guys, are frequently traditionalists. Can't recall how many apoplectic 1911 fanciers I've seen as a result of forward cocking serrations or the SIG 1911's squared-off slide.
  11. Good point. I once asked about double-stack 1911s on here and was innundated with exclamations of "THOSE AREN'T 1911S!!!!" As if the pistols Les Baer, Wilson, STI, SVI, Kimber, etc, etc. produce aren't enormously different from the 'original' design. Funny what riles up 'traditionalists' sometimes.

    I probably think the Rhino is ugly because of its unusual appearance, but ugly is no reason not to buy/own/shoot something. As I alluded to earlier, GLOCKs are ugly and I own several of them. The perform the way I want them to, and that's more important.
  12. Approximate pricing?
  13. I wouldn't mind having the 6" barreled version. I own a Glock, so I'm already in the Ugly Gun Club.
  14. I wanna shoot one. I'm interested.
  15. As a student of anatomy, biomechanics and guns, I think the Rhino is absolutely brilliant(I say this without having shot one) because of it's design. Going with the lowest bore axis possible, which is practically in line with the hand, should give the shooter exceptional recoil control. I'm not a revolver guy either.
  16. I'd like to shoot one and see how the recoil is.

    It might be a good option for revolver class USPSA matches.
  17. I like the big ugly one, it looks sweet! Not so much with the little ugly one.
  18. I like the looks of the little ugly one.
  19. I'de like one, but I'de definitly want to shoot one first before dropping that kind of cash on it.
  20. Asking again out of curiosity (even though who am I kidding, it'd probably be a year or more before I'm in the market for another handgun). Would mounting say a 2x scope with a single wide ring to that small bit of top rail on the 6" version have any chance of success/holding zero? I have no experience with mounting a scope to a handgun. If it'd not work, I think I might lean more to the 5" version.
  21. It looks different than our everyday smith but I like the look on their full size.
  22. Assuming the rail is machined to proper dimensions and you use a good mount, it should work. People stick optics on much more powerful revolvers all the time. If the rail is a no-go, a smith could probably drill and tap holes to bolt on a rail.