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    I'm looking to buy a cheap "pay as you go" type phone/plan for use ONLY in my car. In other words, it will stay in my car's glove box (connected to power plug) all the time. Reason for this ... and I know this might seem silly as I have an iPhone that is with my virtually always that does this already ... but I sometimes forget my iPhone and it would be nice to have this for use in that scenario only. I have my Google Voice number that rings all my phones (and this is number I give everybody) ... so this setup would "fit in" to my system well.

    I figured ... if I can get a phone for cheap (<50.00) and a simple pay as you use type plan (no recurring monthly fees ... just minutes used) ... this would be reasonable. Here is what I want/need:

    - Cheapest phone available with bluetooth (don't care about ANY other features).
    - Cheapest/most cost effective plan (don't want to pay for it if I don't use it ... it might go months without use. No monthly charges, just simple minutes used and simple way to refill minutes as needed).

    Suggestions on providers?
    Pros vs. Cons for the various providers?
    Anybody else do this?