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Cheaperthandirt Glock Price gouging

  1. One reason I don't give them my business.
  2. I just added 50 to my cart, and let it sit in checkout (don't have an account with them...)
  3. Lol..

    Edit: Holy smokes they raised the prices of their 10mm ammo too!
  4. They did this in 2008 also.

    I vowed to never spend another dime with them in an e-mail
    and to this day, I have held to this. To many quality vendors out there to waste time on them.
  5. I haven't made a purchase from them in about two years now because of this practice they do. Maybe I too just might add 50 to my non existent cart....

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  6. I understand a slight increase...maybe a few bucks. But CTD loves tripling price on crap when the panic is going on.

    I will never buy anything from them again.
  7. It is rumored that their initial name was "STUPIDER THAN DIRT", but they had ONE customer who was only as stupid as a tree, caught it, protested, and so they changed that 1st word...viola, everyone was happy.
  8. They did it in 1994 as well
  9. Just used the contact link to send this message: "I can't believe you guys! You have raised the prices on the Glock & kci mags by 300-400% since this ban scare started. I know you had these in stock for a while and didn't pay anywhere close to this for them! Never again will I purchase anything from this sight!! Completely price gouging, no. Other explanation, it really tells where you loyalty lies, with the money, not with the customers that keep You alive. Maybe more people will be thinking this way and you will see that you can't just screw your customer anyway you can!! They will not stand for it!"

    I know it will not help unless many people do the same but it makes me feel better.
  10. On a similar subject, there is a locally owned shop where I live (where I did my CCW) where I bought 9mm ammo for $17 per box of 50 one week ago. I called him two days ago. Now he is charging $27 per box of 50 for the same stuff. This is not nice Hornady ammo or something. This shoots in the 19 just fine yet a little dirty. I won't buy from him again and won't buy that and can't believe anyone would.
  11. Glockstore prices have remained the same. Kudos to them!

    I haven't checked Glockmeister.
  12. Not to defend CTD, I will not do business with them either. But businesses usually will charge the consumer based on replacement cost for them.

    Let's say during normal times they buy a mag for $10 then sell it on the website for $15....now crap goes down and to buy more from the manufacture they will have to pay $20 per mag....they will raise the price of existing merchandise to cover new purchases. Thus a mag they paid $10 for now goes for $25.
  13. your loss i just got 5 of these mags better get them before there banned

  14. I'm sorry you folks don't understand how markets work, but for any interested:

    Demand skyrocketed. Supply cannot adjust in the short term. Either prices rise to make demand balance supply, or you have a shortage (cheap mags you can't buy). As an added bonus, the higher prices incentivize supply expansion.

    The great part about a free market is that if you think the price increases are unwarranted, you don't have to buy. The people who do will either be shown to be foolish or smart in the long run.
  15. I agree to an extent, but why aren't the other companies doing it? It's because they won't raise their prices until they actually have to buy the item at the higher cost. Then they will be forced to charge more.
  16. Never will order from them again
  17. You do have to look at replacement cost, but there is a problem with this theory. Glock hasn't increased MSRP to distributors, it's the same as it was before this started. CTD, to my understanding, has a direct distributor account with Glock for mags. So, thier replacement cost is exactaly the same as it was 2 months ago, they have just decided to rape people for as much money as possible.

    Same thing is going on with Pmags, Magpul hasn't raised thier MSRP with direct distributors either, yet people are selling them for $60/each.
  18. CTD has lost my business for life, Midway and many others will benefit from their policies.
  19. They once blamed boys scouts as being an non trustworthy group. It was at a jamboree at the speedway in Ft Worth. Since then I have Never bought from them and recommend none one else do either.

    They are scumbags as you can see.

    BTW my son is an Eagle Scout and I believe in BSA as a great org for boys.
  20. Higher prices do not incentivize the manufacturer to increase supply when they aren't seeing any additional profit on a per unit basis. That is the case here, Glock & Magpul haven't increased prices to distributors, it's retail locations that have decided to pull this little stunt.

    I work in an industry that went though a similar issue, our OEM distributors decided to screw over end users. We decided to end our distribution agreements with those companies. Why? Practices like this create a crap ton of negative branding for the company. There are a lot of people out there right now that think holy crap, glock raised prices, screw them! In reality, they didn't raise anything, but now thier business has the potential to be damaged by people down the supply chain.

    I hope when all this is settled that Glock, Magpul and others reevaluate who they enter distribution agreements with, and act accordingly. Distributors and retail locations represent you as a brand to the consumer, it's extremely important those folks share the same business practices you value as a company.
  21. That's theory, but in reality vendors like CTD take advantage of the situation with unethical practices. In another GT thread, a poster told how he ordered mags from CTD for "normal" prices in Dec 2012. They cancelled his order and are now selling those mags - HIS mags - for a much higher price.

  22. A.) price gouging is an American tradition during frenzies. And most of it is our fault! We are the ones that flocked to the stores and bought up everything in mad panic. The laws of supply and demand is what drives the cost up. And right now demand is through the roof and supply is low so boom you get high prices. It's economics 101. If we didn't run out and buy stuff like the sky is falling we never would've seen jacked up prices.

    b.) local dealers are still sporting good prices here and there just need to call around. Just have to find them. I got a gen4 g23 for $599 at an army/navy store during the frenzy and that's a spot on price. Only 50$ more than gen 3 and it comes with 3 mags!

    C.) not so keen on those scout weirdos. BUT, that fully excludes Girl Scouts cuz they provide me with amazing cookies every year. In fact just order 4 boxes of coconut delights from the neighborhood girl and can't wait for my cookies. Lol
  23. I don't deal with Dirtbags and so as a result I will have no dealings with Cheaper Than Dirtbags, Ever. SJ 40
  24. Unless you had a coupon for a lower price and they're refusing to honor it, it's not gouging. It's supply and demand. I bought most of the glock mags I've accumulated over the years at or below 20 dollars. Do you think I'm going to sell them for 19 bucks?
  25. Let's be honest, the only people complaining about CTD's prices are those that didn't stock up before, and now, they feel they're getting reamed. You're not, and your complacency will cost you more.

    I made an order with CDNN and a few other places on things I didn't need, just wanted spares of, but they weren't the high ticket items or big sellers so they were normal prices and shipping. I did get ripped on shipping though from CDNN for not ordering more stuff for one price of S&H. :embarassed:

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  26. Whether or not you chose to "stock up," it still doesn't make what they are doing right.
  27. What's right about capitalism at it's finest? Seriously, you can't win around here. The price is what the market will bear, bottom line. If jackholes buy at those prices, they will remain. It's very simple.

    And yes, as a manufacturer, when you're still selling them at the same price to the vendors, and the vendors attempt to rape the public, well, buyers need to talk to the manufacturer about not sending those vendors anymore product, and let them suffer for their actions.

    Seriously, find a different place to buy if you already know they have a bad business practices.

    Call up Magpul, Glock, who ever, tell them you're not happy with their choice of vendors.

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day