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Cheap Stuff.

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by -, Feb 16, 2003.

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    Okay. Here's what I have available:

    GONE. Greco Small Friction Folder. I'll call it excellent to like new. Might have touched up the edge, I don't recall; carried it once or twice. Don't recall ever cutting anything with it.
    GONE. Victorinox Forester. Carried once, used it to cut up a carrot or two. I might have sawed about a quarter inch with the wood saw. I'd call it very lightly used.
    3. Brunsletto Balder. Little fixed blade. Probably borderline like new. Been handled. $15 shipped.
    4. Smith and Wesson three inch combo edge anniversary folder. $20 shipped (I guess?)
    5. Okapi Ringlock. Sharpened. Trust me, it needed it. $10 shipped.
    6. Okapi Sheepsfoot. Like new. Needs sharpening, since it's an Okapi. $7 shipped.
    7. Okapi Clip point. Also like new. Also needs sharpening. $7 shipped.

    Tradewise, I'm interested in pretty much anything you'd find in the Southern Ordnance catalog, a good lighter, or anything Spyderco. Would obviously love package trades, several of mine for something of yours. And just this one time, if you're trading with me and you're not an unknown guy, I'd prefer that we ship first class instead of priority, but if you'd rather ship priority that's fine too. If you want to buy multiples, drop $3 on each addition item.

    Please contact me at jalan82 at yahoo dot com -- thanks.
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