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Cheap Glock holsters, make offer! Fits G17 G22 G19 G23 etc.

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Recently acquired a gen 4 G17 and the seller included the proverbial "box of holsters" with it. I'm keep a couple that I want and selling the rest. They all look to be in good condition, they just don't fit my needs.

Uncle Mike's size 21 duty holster fits G17, G22, G19, G23 etc. and others I'm sure. $20

Unknown brand hybrid iwb black leather and kydex for G17, G22, G19, G23, G26, G27, etc. $15

Unknown brand owb belt holster for G17 with light (tlr 1 maybe?). $15

Also a Winthrop black leather iwb for G19/G23. Fits shorter glocks too. $30.

Want more than one or want to take them all, just make me an offer. I want these gone!

Black Grey Beige Carbon Rectangle
Photograph Black Grey Rectangle Metal
Product Photograph Light Black Grey
Camera accessory Gadget Plastic Shadow Video camera
Product Grey Handgun holster Carbon Silver
White Black Grey Shadow

Brown Bag Grey Leather Shoulder bag

Black Grey Leather Silver Shadow
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Sorry for not updating this sooner. The kydex owb light holster and the winthrop holster are gone.
The Uncle Mike's and the unknown brand hybrid iwb are still available.
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