Cheap Beer!

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    A man walked into a pub one night, strolled over to the bar and asked for a pint of beer. The barman quickly pulled him a pint and asked for a penny.
    "One penny?!?" exclaimed the man, shocked. "A penny for the beer?!?"

    "That's right," replied the barman, "just one penny."

    The man thought this was unbelievable, so to test the bar prices, he ordered a steak with chips, peas and a salad. "Certainly sir," replied the barman, "but all that comes for real money."

    "How much," asked the man.

    The barman thought for a moment and said, "Fifty cents."

    "Fifty cents?!?" the man shouted. "Where's the guy who owns this place?"

    Pointing upwards, the barman said, "Upstairs with my wife."

    "Oh," continued the man, "Well what's he doing up there with her?"

    A look of satisfaction crossed the barman's face before saying, "Same thing I'm doing down here to his business."