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    A certain lumberjack camp had a Chinese cook named Charlie. The lumberjacks were not very progressive in their attitudes and they treated Charlie with great disrepect, tying his shoelaces together, pulling his pigtail, and even throwing him in the river just for fun.
    One day a priest came to the camp and held an outdoor mass, including open confession. Charlie wan't present. Several of the lumberj acks spoke aobut their treatment of Charlie. The priest gave them their penance--quite a few Hail Marys--and admonished them sternly that this behavior must not continue and that they must apologize to Charlie for their mistreatment of him.
    After the mass, a group of lumberjacks went to Charlie. They said that they were very sorry for all the mean things they'd done to him and promised that they wouldn't do them again.
    "You no tie shoelaces together no more?" asked Charlie.
    "No," said one of the lumberjacks. "We won't do that."
    "You no pull pigtail?"
    "No, Charlie."
    "You no throw Charlie in river?"
    "No, no. We'll never do that again."
    "Good," said Charlie, "then me no peepee in coffee no more."