Charges in FAMU hazing death - Six months later.

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    Dear Mr.'s Jackson and Sharpton,

    I wonder if you can help me find some mention of the appearances you made immediately after the death of FAMU band member Wilton Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain was black, and his horrible death was obviously the result of a hate crime (although the State Attorney is not - oddly enough - prosecuting as such.)

    The coroner's report lists 'hemorrhagic shock brought on by massive soft tissue damage due to blunt trauma over large areas of the body' as the cause of death.

    In short, he was beaten to death.

    Where was the outrage when this horrible act was committed? Where was the outrage from the black community when one of their own (allegedly) was killed at the hands of fellow band members, and no arrests were made for six months?

    Where were the calls for riots, and race wars?

    Help me out here, Jesse and Al. Show me something.
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    Wilt Chamberlin? That's a tall tale.:supergrin: