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Chair-Bound Health ?

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by dango, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
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    I'm sittin here listening to the ONLY radio worth hearin and it's
    gettin late and that is when They Come..? Yeap, Everything I need to
    stay young beautiful and healthy with-out ever moving ! :dunno:

    Well,Creams and Lotions:
    1-Got a lotion to regrow my hair ! Great !
    2-A lotion to remove un-wanted hair ! No longer have to comb my ears ...Great.!
    3- A lotion to too Fix poofy eyes and remove wrinkles..again ,
    Great , I am sixty...! 30 , yes..!
    4-A lotion to protect my skin , sun , wind , moisturize ,Hmm?
    This one got my attention. I can see it now........!
    Welcome to sunny Florida and don't forget the vieo,cam , A must see . Watch people burst into Flames , why wait for cancer
    Brought to you by (BANANA ********) lotions , this is true ,recall of a certain SUN-SCREEN , Oh yeah , True ..! :supergrin:(FLAME-ABLE)......!
    NOW We Got Pills:
    1-One for my BP ..!
    2-One for altitude..OK , who am I really.......? :dunno:
    3-One for my Labido,(Rock-Hard-XX Larger) John Wadd ?
    4-One CURE-ALL everything and I don't gotta do nothin !
    1-One to gain wieght.....! I could use a pound or two..!
    2-One to loose weight.......:dunno: Dazed and Confused !
    3-One for Bowels.....?
    ETC ,ETC ,etc............! Now , I got a vision....! :supergrin:

    I'm sittin in that same chair but not really..?
    I'm so greased up , no bones , The Only one thing remains
    ridgid , No Face with more hair Than I want , No ears No wrinkles , A Blank slate and as I ooze to the floor Don't help me or touch me or Smoke near me cause I am SO TOXIC
    I'll burst into flames and take us both out......! :supergrin: