Chain Reaction

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    Sep 10, 2001
    A young logger came across an older woodsman using a single-blade saw and stopped to talk.

    "If you got yourself a chain saw, you could cut 3 cords of wood a day," the young logger informed.

    The next day, the older woodsman went to town and bought a chain saw. He went to the forest and cut 1 cord of wood.

    Getting up at first light the next day, he managed to cut only 1-1/2 cords.

    The third day produced the same results.

    Unimpressed, he decided to return the chain saw. When the shopkeeper asked what was wrong, the woodsman said, "I was told I could cut 3 cords of wood a day with a chain saw. I tried for 3 days, and the most I ever cut was 1-1/2 cords."

    The shopkeeper was surprised. "Let me take a look at it," he replied. When he pulled on the starter handle, the chain saw roared to life.

    The startled woodsman jumped back and shouted, "What's that noise?"