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Certified IDPA Safety Officers

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by mansky, Oct 7, 2009.

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    May 15, 2008
    Listed below are the IDPA certified Safety Officers in the country. They have been issued their Official IDPA Safety Officer Certificates by HQ.
    The following have successfully qualified in the IDPA Safety Officer Certification Course conducted by SOI Adam Shark:

    Eduardo Llora
    Jose T Tuliao Jr
    Francisco Altre Lopez
    Alfred B. Ferrer
    Reynaldo S. Tagle
    Joel R Andres
    Herbert Jardinel
    George S Chua
    Ferlito Jose Mejia
    Bob Sajot
    Ernie Claudio
    Karl A Pilapil
    Roderick Abina
    Benjamin Santos
    Ferdinand T Navarro
    Bartolome R Venus
    Joaquin G Gali
    Wendell Rivera
    Danny Paderez

    Below are those who have qualified and are awaiting their IDPA SO Certificates from HQ:

    Teopisto L Medina
    Ricardo Medina
    Joselito O Pangilinan
    Joseph O De Guzman
    Kevin T Bulayungan
    Wilfredo D Lagundino
    Arnold Tan
    Cesar Baylosis
    Gilbert Go

    Shooters who would want to be legitimately classified in IDPA may approach or contact any of the above IDPA Safety Officers for your classifier shoots. I am sure they would be more than glad to SERVE you...

    The above listed names roughly represent a cross section of at least 4 regions in the country.

    Additional names shall be added to the list as Uncleshark goes into a Vis-Min roadshow to conduct the IDPA Safety Officer Certification Course.
    [Cebu coming very very soon...]