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Cerekote color advice on Sig p226

  1. I picked up a Sig 226 9mm a couple of weeks ago and the damn thing has a god awful paint job. Not only is the color terrible but the finish is not in good shape. I want to strip it down and cerekote the gun. The question is, what color should I go with? I thought about FDE but, realistically, I have little use for a desert colored gun in these parts. I thought about OD green since it makes sense for the environment but I want it to be a desirable color in case I decide to sell it. Maybe two tone with different greens or maybe OD frame and FDE slide? Thoughts? I don't want to go black as I have a black P226 already.

    The current color isn't flat enough to use and the finish isn't in good shape. Here it is as of now:
  2. Wow that thing is ugly, its like a Hulk turd, lol.

    Burnt Bronze or Sniper Grey would be my choice.
  3. Sniper gray would look killer on a Sig.
  4. +1 on Sniper Gray
  5. I never thought of sniper grey. I'll search the web for pics if guns with that color for reference.

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  6. I not going to put down your pistol because a SIG226 is a good gun. I have faith that what ever color you choose will be an improvement.:cool:

    Keep us posted after you change color because I would like to see the end result.
  7. I didn't think it was possible to make a Sig ugly. After seeing this gun, my mind was changed. I assure you that it's worse in person than in this picture.

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  8. Try & duplicate the color that the Sig scorpion models come with & buy a set of scorpion grips.
  9. It does amaze me what some people will do to a gun thinking they are improving it.

    I will take your word that it looks worse in person:rofl:
  10. Sniper grey would be a good choice.

  11. That's not a bad idea. I like the look of the scorpion.
  12. Someone suggested I go with a black frame and OD green slide. That would look pretty sharp as well.
  13. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have one to show you in Tritanium.

    Kinda like this, but an old WG.

  14. Thanks for the link. I have been playing with it for a while now. I have come up with some cool combos I would never have thought of.
  15. I have a Scorpion P229, and I love the color on it. It's a very stealthy color, the gun seems to disappear against almost any background. Not too great if you plan on brandishing, but if your goal is to blend in, you can't do much better. My vote goes for whatever color they use on the Scorpions.
  16. This. I would try to make it as factory looking as possible, in case you do want to sell it in the future. Most guns that are dura/cerakoted, even if they look good, sell for $100 less.
  17. The scorpion looks great. I think the grips are some version of a Houge G10.

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  18. I would go with Sniper Gray also. I'm not much on light colors on guns, but that's just me.
  19. that is an abomination.

    i'd just do satin black (or whatever it's called in the firearms world)

  20. Agreed. I love the scorpion models, especially the 229.