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LGS charges $115 for a Glock (frame and slide) controls and other parts are untouched with factory finish.

I think it's a very good price because on the web most of the applicators charge like $75 for just the slide or frame.

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Anyone know the price range for having my Glock slide Cerakoted?

It can depend on the folks doing the work.

I'll say this.....the Cerakote manufacturer's webpage is a tremendous resource.

Take a look through their site and you'll be able to use their insanely useful search function. You can search by certified folks in your area....and link to their pages and prices.

You can also search through the various colors and actual work done by the folks in your area.

It is hands down one of the coolest webpages I've seen.

It helped me locate a young semi-local guy who is not only a certified coater.....but has opened a gunsmithing business. He's also a combat vet and has some impressive credentials.

We've spoken on the phone and exchanged emails and I"m zeroing in on exactly what I want done to a Colt.....cerakoting being part of the deal....some other work, too. I can see getting him coating a future G19 for my wife.......

Great website.......I'll warn you'll start getting some wild ideas and want to take all your guns in for a some custom coating.
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